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Children's home textile market gap is big ,there is good business opportunities and challenges

2016.10.17   08:58

With the development of economy, improvement of people's living standard, especially as the only child of the 80 children are growing up, the healthy growth of children is set to every moment the hearts of their parents, parents everywhere to children's health and comfort as a priority, a healthy and comfortable sleep environment is particularly important. The market for children's home textiles also shows great potential for development. In spite of this, but want to buy everything in the market's textile product is not easy, mainly because the market is not mature enough, the children of professional home textile brands, choose the little room.

Improve product quality

For children's home textile products, safety and comfort is the first. Home textile products are a long time contact with the skin of the goods, while children are a special consumer group. At night is an important time for children's growth and development, so the bed quality is particularly important. Countries in the field of baby textiles and other corresponding mandatory standards, which makes the child home textile products from materials, production processes to the preservation and circulation process must have strict safety standards.

For domestic textile enterprises, to meet these standards, the need to invest more money and more energy. Many children's home textile products on the market are often poor quality, fabric, workmanship, rough.

Rich product design

Compared with ordinary textile products, according to the needs of children's textile aesthetic standards, designed by popular elements such as the children's market favorite cartoon image, color, pattern and rich color should be bright flat pattern, make the product full of fun, in order to attract their attention. It is understood that the well-known cartoon big domestic product design, rich and colorful, lively, happy, to consumers spread childlike attitude towards life, deeply loved by children.

Diversified product structure

Now on the market for children's home textile products are relatively simple, scattered, consumers are difficult to buy in a store together the required products, which greatly increased the time and energy consumers shopping. So many big name children's home textiles are expanding their product line, the structure of textile products are rich, but also have their own unique products.

Back to look at the current domestic children's home textile market, although still in the primary stage of development, the industry's memory in a number of outstanding enterprises, its brand and sub brand has been trying to explore, is still the opportunity and challenge coexist.


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