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How to play "Internet plus" for the traditional paint industry

2016.10.21   08:44

  We say that a few years ago, the paint industry was going to enter the Internet marketing and mobile marketing, then there will be many companies and dealers say "one thousand reason made them  sad , if they choose to say" NO "now, but now they have a lot of enterprises through the Internet and mobile client can make a lot of  money. All these tell us that many people think that the suitable time to do, is already coming the industry peak, the peak period to do as the 1000 person to go through the single bridge, to catch a good time last forever just a few person, like the "Internet plus" in paint industry.

  What is "Internet " in paint industry?

  Popular terms is the Internet paint industry, but this is not a simple combination of both, but the use of the Internet platform for the Internet and paint industry in-depth integration, to create a new development trend. Is equivalent to the paint industry to provide the power of the Internet, the development of the paint industry. Around the best example is the Taobao, the use of the Internet platform to the traditional retail into the Internet, so that people  no need to go out to buy the desire. Internet plus paint industry will promote the paint industry industrial upgrading, help the development of the paint industry is more careful and cautious fine.

  Where is the new way out of the paint industry? The paint industry wants to develop must first adapt to the characteristics of the development of the times. As the advent of the industrial era, the traditional manual manufacturing industry is necessary to be baptized. If you can not take the initiative to adapt to the social transformation and upgrading, so in the law of the jungle society, you have only one outcome is the elimination.

  Mobile Internet is a strong rewrite history, "proposed Internet plus" ideas and will promote the change of the times, a new round of the paint companies need to actively under the trend of integration of Internet thinking closely fit online and offline in order to win in the market competition.

  Admittedly, Internet marketing is only a means of product promotion, quality and personality is the product of the market is not the fundamental homogenization, which is a lot of time to choose paint manufacturers in the most basic considerations.

  "Internet plus paint" will become one of the direction of the transformation and upgrading of the paint industry. From the current point of view "Internet plus coatings" industry transformation and upgrading is mainly manifested in three aspects: channels ,investments, and products.

  Paint industry is a traditional industry, a lot of corporate marketing is the main profit lies in the project profit, because this year the real estate industry deserted, resulting in coating enterprises is difficult to carry out the project.

  Investment is generally do a wide spread of the market in the paint, do not do the project only to do business, but if the overall market downturn, the coating is difficult to recruit dealers.

  The Internet is not a panacea, but for the development  of the coating enterprise, the Internet is absolutely a must.

                                                                                                                              By Emily

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