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Mixed pigment markets around the world Government regulation leads the development direction

2016.11.10   08:44

The global paint market analysis found that in 2015, the global paint market in revenue of $25.15 billion. Predicts that by 2020, the market's revenue will reach $31.02 billion. Among them, construction, automotive, and printing industry is still the main terminal market, is also the main source of business income, especially in the asia-pacific region.

Soaring demand for manufacturers is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, will greatly improve the sales. On the other hand, the supply of products will fluctuate. Such as the supply of azo dye due to some Chinese paint company closed and exist shortages, titanium dioxide, however, due to the rapid growth of production capacity and excess supply. Supply shortages will promote the production of low-cost alternatives, and the phenomenon of excess supply would hold down prices, and thus reduce profits.

Printing industry also is mixed for pigment market. Digital printing, electronic media, and quite a number of network publishing preempted the publishing industry market, so the pigment market have also been affected. However, packaging and printing in the printing industry in expanding the application range of pigment.

Regulatory policy is another have a two-sided impact on market factors. The government for some not conducive to environmental protection material prohibited or phased out measures, for small scale market participants will be a great challenge. Different from global companies, many local businesses will not be able to quickly operating focus to environmentally friendly products.

As China's many industries, such as construction, automotive industry, aerospace, shipbuilding industry, the rapid development of bridge construction and so on, and so did the market demand for paint, coating product. In recent years, such as car manufacturing and construction for tinting strength and durability of the paint, coating products, crisper, environmental protection and other aspects of the requirements. And many of China's local enterprises exist not only small production capacity, product technology content is low, the production process at the same time the lack of sewage treatment system that conforms to the national standard. Combined with the competition in the industry in product prices remained low, make the development of China's national enterprises more difficult. With foreign corporations in the face of national regulatory policies under double pressures of China's national enterprises need improvement and innovation on product and production processes, products of a breakthrough in the field of environmental protection and performance will bring new life to China's national enterprises.


                                                                                                                          By Nicole

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