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Thermochromic pigment Colorful wide scope of application

2016.11.16   08:49

Thermal discoloration pigment color principle and the structure, thermal discoloration pigment is by electronic transfer system of the preparation of organic compounds. Electron transfer type of organic compounds is a kind of special chemical structure of organic hair color system. Due to the electron transfer under certain temperature change the molecular structure of organic matter, so as to realize color shift. This discoloration is not only colorful, but also can realize from the color of the "color = = = colorless" state change, this is a heavy metal complex salt complex type and LCD type reversible heat discoloration does not have.

Thermochromic pigment application: 1, the temperature change toner for discoloration of the reversible heat microcapsules called reversible temperature change color pigments (commonly known as: temperature paint, thermal powder or temperature). 2, this product can be used in polypropylene (PP), soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) S -, AS, ABS and silicone transparent or translucent plastic injection molding, extrusion molding. Also can be mixed with unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin, organic glass or nylon monomer casting, moulding, curing of suitable ink base material. 3, used in injection molding, extrusion processing or casting, moulding, curing, the amount of color pigment for 0.4 to 3.0% of the amount of plastic, usually is 0.6 ~ 2.0%. Color pigments and plastic particles to fully mixture (mixture can use a small amount of white oil). If is ordinary paint and color pigment color matching, the ordinary pigment or dye dosage of about 0.5 2.5% for color pigment. 4, masterbatch, can add the color pigment first when mass production made pigment content in polyethylene wax wax or polystyrene is 10% of the color masterbatch, and then mixed with plastic particles used. This can make the color pigment dispersed more evenly. The preparation method of the color masterbatch can consult technical data provided by this department. 5, temperature: processing temperature should be controlled under 200 , the highest do not exceed 230 , and try to reduce the material of the heating time. (high temperature, long heat will damage the paint color performance).

Heat change toner storage methods: reversible temperature change color pigment itself is an unstable system (stable) is difficult to change, so its light resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance performance than ordinary paint, in use should be attention. 1, light fastness: heat the poor light fastness of color pigments, will soon fade failure under strong sunlight exposure, so its only suitable for indoor use. Should avoid strong sunlight and ultraviolet light irradiation, so beneficial to prolong the service life of color pigments. 2, heat resistance, heat change color pigments in a short period of time can be 230 high temperature resistant (10 minutes), can be used in injection molding and high temperature curing. But the state of color pigment in the hair color and decolorization condition is different, the thermal stability of the stability of the former is higher than the latter. And when the temperature higher than 80 , the color system will start to degrade organic matter. So color paint should avoid long-term work under temperature higher than 75 .


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