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Water sand bag multi-color wide application

2016.11.21   09:56

Water sand bag colorful coating it is a high-tech research and development, and modified resin and stability rather than good paint dye coating made of. Water sand bag it the appearance of the colorful coating can make great designers and developers building innovative design characteristic of the building exterior modelling. Its construction process can be a painting, it is due to improper construction pattern distribution can also be in spray, still does not affect the effect. Water sand bag it can colorful coating has good resistance to fouling, surface smooth, not easy to accumulate dust in the paint, the rain wash clean, manual cleaning easier.

Understand water sand bag colorful coating using range.

1, water sand bag colorful coating is a high-end technology has attracted worldwide attention. For the coating, wallboard, crafts, decoration, real estate and other industries more avenues for series boutique design new way of thinking and deepen the development of new opportunities.

2, water sand bag it can colorful coating is suitable for high-rise buildings, government building projects, such as apartment mansion building external wall, is the realization of granite luxury decoration effect, simple construction and special advanced finishing materials;

3, water bag, colorful sand coating can also be applied to the botanical garden sculpture, statue model, building corridor column, colour pens and other technology products surface high-grade beautification adornment, easily give excellent elegant rocks.

4, exterior insulation to trouble decoration, dry hanging loose bubble level is difficult to reliable implementation or cover. Water sand bag is directly supporting facing with colorful coating construction of choice for high-quality goods.

                                                                                                                                      By Nicole

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