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Describe the difference between enamel and harmonic lacquer

2016.12.12   09:49

Enamel and enamel, enamel in English. With varnish base makings, add dye abrade, make magnetism smooth color is shown after coating is dry and hard coating, commonly used with phenolic enamel and alkyd enamel, suitable for metal window screen mesh and so on.

Harmonic lacquer is a kind of paint, is made on the basis of the varnish added inorganic pigments, harmonic lacquer oily mixed paint and magnetic harmonic lacquer two kinds, made of drying oil, paint, etc is called oil mixed paint, made of resin, paint and drying oil is called a magnetic harmonic lacquer.

The difference between harmonic lacquer and enamel:

Harmonic lacquer is the most widely used varieties, and its name is the result of early paint job on the paint to allocate. When using paint are mostly workers use a drying oil paint to paint or printing ink and solvent such as field modulation, and so will the modulation of paint is called mixed paint, mixed paint is made of cement plant, now can use finished product, but the mixed paint this name is used to continue down naturally. Began to appear in the mixed paint is made of pure oil as paint, later in order to improve its performance, to join the part of the natural resin or rosin ester as film forming material. Considering the difference between the two types of products, the former is called paint mixed paint, which is called magnetic harmonic lacquer. If add the proportion of resin and drying oil over 13 called the enamel, enamel resin contained more than the mixed paint, its brightness, such as porcelain, so called the enamel.

1, composition difference: alkyd enamel and alkyd mixed paint should be the main difference between on the basic material used. Alkyd harmonic lacquer generally refers to the painting of the rosin modified alkyd resin have been also have by using the method of cold dish with rosin modified resin with general share system of long oil alkyd resin paint. Rosin modified alkyd resin paint, coating is fast dry, increased the hardness and adhesion, but reduces the weatherability, easy yellowing.

Mixed paint, is a drying oil or drying oil modified rosin, petroleum resins, with a lot of inert pigment (such as lithopone) made from low grade of paint (not pure color);

Enamel, also called paint, based on alkyd resin, or other synthetic resins, alkyd modification to the main pigments such as titanium dioxide and a small amount of paint made of inert pigment (colour and lustre is pure);

2, the difference of performance

Enamel than harmonic lacquer coating high hardness, good covering power, weather resistance and other excellent comprehensive technical performance comparison.


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