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The most important three factors in color

2016.12.16   09:47

Screen printing in the process of any one color all by hue, lightness and saturation said three features, so the above three factors must be considered in the process of color matching. Although theoretically black is the complete absorption of light, but still has the gloss black ink. Screen printing ink is pigment (toner) and a resin material grinding and become, pigment particles around wrapped in a layer of transparent resin oil, the oil layer resin effect on light refraction and reflection, so we can feel the black ink printing substrate still has certain luster.

1. The luster is usually in the process of color only by the naked eye. Gloss actually refers to the printing ink sample by light irradiation after the size of the ability to reflect light level in the same direction. The direct effect of printed appearance, it is a very important indicator.

2. Are the basic characteristics of color hue, used for qualitative distinction. Its detection method usually by scraping samples simulated printing color or to look at the standard sample and sample.

3. The hiding power is ink cover the degree of its background. Covering power, the better is its transparency is poor, high and low transparency affects the efficiency of the ink color and affected by the printed substrate.

4. The tinting strength is a method of said ink concentration. Its determination is based on a certain amount of ink and add a certain number of standard mixes white ink diluent, compared with the standard sample method. Color difference strength reflect the extent to which the ink color mixture, affecting the printing ink film thickness.


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