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Anti-corrosion coatings will reach 6 million tons in the year of 2017

2016.12.26   09:18

Anti corrosion coating is coated on the surface of the object that under certain conditions can protect, decoration or other special features of film formation (insulation, anti rust, mildew resistant, etc.) is a kind of liquid or solid material. It can be used in harsh conditions, and has a long lasting anti-corrosion life. It is generally used to improve the nature of the metal (alloy treatment) and the formation of a protective layer (coated non-metallic or metal protective layer).

Anti corrosion coatings are widely used in modern industry, transportation, energy, marine engineering and other departments. According to the corrosion resistance and use requirements of the coating, it is usually divided into two types of conventional and heavy corrosion protection. Anticorrosion coating plays an increasingly important role in the paint industry, and the development of anti-corrosion coatings is of great significance to the development of China's economy.

It is reported that the current market size of China's anti-corrosion coatings has been second only to the architectural coatings. With China's rapid economic development and the government of stimulus implementation and implementation plan, China in the construction, transportation, petrochemical, hydropower and other fields, there are extraordinary growth, will drive the rapid growth of demand for related products. It is said that by 2017 the total output of China's anti-corrosion coatings will reach about 6 million tons.

As countries continue to increase investment in infrastructure construction, and steel as an important material for infrastructure construction, the demand is also increasing, thus promoting the growth of the demand for anti-corrosion coatings. In addition, the rapid development of the automobile manufacturing industry has also given strong impetus to the development of anti-corrosion coatings. It is well known that many of the components in the anti-corrosion coatings pose risks to the environment and human health. Therefore, the government has adopted a series of laws and regulations to restrain the development speed of the anticorrosion coatings. Therefore, to increase the research and development of environmentally friendly anti-corrosion coatings will bring new opportunities for the anti-corrosion coatings market.

The Asia Pacific region is the world's largest market for anti-corrosion coatings, and this trend will continue until 2020. China and India are the two fastest developing countries in the world, and China is the largest producer and consumer of anti-corrosion coatings. Visible China anticorrosive paint market prospect is broad.

Competition between China's major anti-corrosion coatings companies, they continue to strengthen research and development efforts and innovative technologies to meet the various stringent requirements of users, thereby promoting the healthy development of anti-corrosion coatings market. Moreover, the implementation of the relevant environmental policies have further to promote the development of this field of research and development. Expected in the next few years, the competitive situation of China's anti-corrosion coatings market will continue.


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