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Teach you to clearly understand the difference between paint and paint to take you out of the misunderstanding

2016.12.30   09:01

Introduction of coatings

In simple terms, the paint is used for the object surface can form a decorative or protective or insulation, anti-corrosion and other special features of the solid film, it is divided into two kinds of liquid or solid materials, are fine chemical products.

The paint is the object onto the surface is protected or decorated, and painted objects to form a continuous film firmly attached, usually in resin or oil or emulsion, add or not add pigment, filler, adding additives, viscous liquid with organic solvent or water distribution system formed. Coatings usually have four basic components: film forming material (resin), pigments (including the body pigment), solvents and additives.

According to the main film-forming material used in coating can be divided into oily paint, paint coating, synthetic fiber coatings and inorganic coatings; coating or film can be divided according to the characters of solution, emulsion, sol, powder, bright and colorful art paint, extinction. It has the protection, decoration, signs and other special functions (such as electrical insulation, anti fouling, drag reduction, heat insulation, radiation resistance, conductivity, magnetic conductivity, etc.). Therefore, it is more and more widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense, scientific research and people's life.

Introduction of paint

Paint is refers to the organic solvent as medium or high solids, solvent free oil paint.

Early mainly used vegetable oil and natural resin processing of the paint is usually called paint. With the development of industry, more and more varieties of paint, quality and performance continue to improve, many new coatings are no longer contain oil. This term is not accurate enough. Therefore, it is now used for the coating material surface of a variety of materials referred to as paint, paint is just a kind of paint. With the development of science, the wide application of all kinds of polymer synthetic resin, so that the paint product has a fundamental change, so the accurate name should be "organic coating".

In fact, the paint is a kind of paint, just paint raw material by tung oil and lacquer, and paint, is based on the English translation to coatingproducts. Moreover, because the modern paint almost no longer use of tung oil and lacquer as raw materials, so called paint would be inappropriate.

A, early paint mostly with vegetable oil as raw material, so named for the paint, but now synthetic resin will completely replace vegetable oil, paint the surface characteristic is liquid, can not cover the solid paint, then paint naming is not appropriate, to paint.

B, simple to say that the paint can cover the solid powder coating and liquid paint, but the paint can only be a liquid paint, can not be equated with paint, paint a word can be covered all kinds of products of the industry.

C, now the market is water-based paint and powder coating used in a wide range, especially water-based paint based architectural coatings in China accounted for about 38% of total coating, but water-based paint and paint on chemical properties are essentially different, the differences in the nature of the product is also great, so this kind of material is also known for paint.

       Water paint and oil (sex) paint should be parallel to the two different series of liquid paint.

Therefore, the paint can be divided into three categories: oil (paint) paint, water-based paint, powder paint; paint (flow of liquid paint), including oil (paint) and water-based paint.


                                                                                                                                                   By Betty

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