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The growth rate for Global coatings emulsion polymer is about 5.4%

2017.01.10   08:51

Current global paints and coatings emulsion polymer consumption will reach 5 million tons in 2020, compound annual growth rate of about 5.4%, and become the most important market for various types of emulsion polymer products.

Global paint industry in major regions are continuing to develop in the direction of the water, resulting in the demand for water-based latex paint and other products will promote the further growth of emulsion polymer consumption. In developing countries, the development of waterborne coatings will be the most obvious, because these markets in the overall rapid growth of the paint industry at the same time, the most likely to water system to replace the solvent based coatings.

In addition, the healthy development of the construction industry in North America, as well as the recovery of Western European economies, will also be on the emulsion polymer product consumption to produce further demand.

Upgrade from solvent based system to water system is the most important strategy to meet the requirements of VOC regulations. In North America and Western Europe, the trend of coating product system to water transfer is the most widespread, because these areas are the most stringent emission limits. At the same time, because of the water technology to meet the environmental regulations and its performance advantages (such as durability, low odor, easy to use and clean, etc.), has been rapidly in the world to get consumers love.

In 2015, the global paint and paint production of the global paint and paint more than half of the total, and the rest of the system includes solvent based coatings, powder coatings and radiation curing products. In most areas of the architectural coatings market in the dominant position, but in the developing countries (such as India) the use rate is still low, because these countries are still heavily dependent on lower quality products. In addition, the Asia Pacific region of water paint is also at a disadvantage, because Japan and South Korea and other large industrial projects dominated the industrial structure, resulting in industrial coatings, compared to the construction of paint more dominant position.

In addition, according to the research report also showed that global emulsion polymer overall demand in 2015 is 10 million 200 thousand tons, the market value of $27 billion 500 million, an average annual growth rate in the future is expected to reach 4.2% by 2020, the total amount of up to 12 million 500 thousand tons, the market value of $37 billion 200 million. Growth momentum in addition to high quality coatings, but also including paper and adhesives, such as strong growth in consumption, especially in emerging economies in Southeast asia.

China is expected in 2020 will account for more than 25% of the global sales of emulsion polymer, its domestic paint, paper and adhesive industry has received great support for consumption, and limit the increasingly stringent emission regulations, are rapidly to water-based formula transformation. But the world's fastest growing emulsion polymer consumption will be India, due to increase in household income to stimulate the consumption of building coatings products growth will be very strong.

Until 2020, is expected to acrylic emulsion polymer will still be the largest and the fastest growing product types, this is mainly due to growth in the application of emulsion building coating in the development area, and the proportion of water technology in the domain of high performance industrial coatings and special coatings increasing. Strong growth in the bond market will promote the growth of vinyl acetate polymer sales.


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