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The dyeing process for fluorescent dyes with yarn on corn

2017.02.07   08:56

Bobbin dyeing machine invented has 130 years of history, until 1990s, to get a large number of application Chinese yarn dyeing. Pure cotton yarn and cellulose fiber has been widely used in dyeing, reactive dyes, vat dyes dyeing process has been more mature.

But for the fluorescent dyes, there is only one Remazol fluorescent yellow FL (Dystar), and the price is relatively high,but not for the other active fluorescent dye chromatography.

1st. The pretreatment for for yarn on corn

1, whiteness:

In order to achieve a better fluorescent brightness, the yarn pretreatment bleaching degree should be more than 75 degree C.;

2, pH value:

Fluorescent dyes is sensitive to pH value, not good resistance to alkali and strong acid, acid neutralization pretreatment is more important, and the optimum pH to neutral.

3, No residue for surface active agent residue:

In the pretreatment of anionic additives (such as refining agent) and residual will affect the dyeing effect of modified yarn, recommended to choose the pretreatment agent of nonionic, and fully washed.

4, water absorption:

Yarn pretreated in foreign water uniformly, sedimentation within 10 seconds is appropriate.

2nd. two kinds of coating dyeing method

Fluorescent coating dyeing can be divided into two methods: one bath and two bathes.

One bath method is modified and dyed with the bath is complete, the two bath method is to separate the modification and dyeing.

For the high quality requirements of fluorescent paint dyeing, it is recommended to use the two bath method, the following describes the two bath process.

3rd, three step fluorescent coating dyeing process

1, modification treatment:

Modified agent dosage: 2% (O.M.F)

Temperature: 60

Time: 15min

Room temperature injection modifier (15 minutes, 10 minutes into the linear) cycle, and then heated to 60 degrees (helicopter), holding for 15 minutes, drain, wateronce.

2, dyeing:

Fluorescent coating: X% (O.M.F)

Degassing agent: proper amount

Agent: 2% (O.M.F)

Test again before dyeing yarn pH, ensure in neutral conditions; room temperature addition of gas permeation agent, cycle of 5 minutes, and then began to dye quantitative injection (completed within 15 minutes), cycle 10 minutes, heated to 60 degrees (2 degrees /min), cycle 10 minutes.


At this time, there are nearly 60% fluorescent paint already has color, there are about 40% residual dye.

Then adding quantitativethe fixing agent (10-15 minutes) 15 cycles, at this time, fluorescent paint has been basically all dye, dye becomes clear, liquid, washing and smoothing agent (liquid wax)

PS: the choice of fixing agent of fluorescent paint dyeing rubbing fastness and yarn has play a decisive role.

4th, the relevant test indicators

1, dry rub: 3-4

2, wet rub: 2-3, 3

3, washing fastness: 3

4, light fastness: 3-4

5, strong test: no change before and after dyeing

6, hydrophilic: qualified (with no change before treatment)

7, feel: qualified


                                                                                                                       By Emily

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