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World's largest maker of titanium white pigment for measures announced price increases in 2017

2017.02.13   09:48

Branch company (Chemours) announced that since February 1, 2017, in Latin America, the Middle East, eastern Europe and sub-saharan Africa, sales of titanium white product price $150 / ton, in the same period in Western Europe and central Europe, Turkey and north Africa regional sales increase in the price of titanium dioxide 175 euros/ton.

For the prices did not make any instructions. Families, the company is the world's largest producer of titanium white pigment.

Since 2016, the international leading chain, has repeatedly rise in price. Although market, its competitors are up, after this round of price increases, the price system of global value chain are reverse.

As a series of market measures work, as well as the global warming in the automotive and construction industries (these two areas is the largest market in titanium white pigment products), titanium dioxide product market demand in 2016 began to jump. According to market consultancy, Grand View Research analysis, part of titanium white varieties of the market demand is expected during the period of 2015 ~ 2022 to obtain the highest growth rate in recent years, analysis report, demand during this period of titanium dioxide compound annual growth rate is expected to reach about 5%.

                                                                                                                                       By Nicole

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