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At this stage pigment price movements and trend analysis in 2017

2017.02.24   15:36

Environment: in 2016 as the country has also intensified its efforts for environmental liability and the norm of the environmental supervision, paint companies to a new round of reshuffle. Paint enterprise of environmental protection investment increase, the state enterprises, gas, water, slag discharge requirements, now also put forward new requirements for sound, solid waste, causing the increased cost of environmental protection.

In October 2015, the new specifications for the transportation vehicle weight by the nation, causing increased transportation costs, transportation successively put forward the price increase 25%; The increasing cost of transportation. Raw materials, the influence of the OPEC oil leak agreement, petrochemical product price increase, benzene derivatives of pigment industry product price increase.

Double ketene series products, as companies turn to pollution-free pesticide chemicals, and ketene enterprises interested in pigment intermediates production decline, diacetyl in high prices of raw materials; National policy, to production of steel enterprise coking capacity continues to decline, naphthalene series product price increase.

Influence of varieties of raw materials for paint, the whole market the growth of the basic raw materials, such as sodium nitrite, liquid alkali, acetic acid price growth, azo yellow basic costs 500 / ton.


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