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Powder coating FAQ - coating good flowing property from the formula on how to solve

2017.02.28   09:48

Considering the storage stability of powder coating, use the glass transition temperature of the resin, high softening point, melt viscosity of the resin is higher, make the powder coating of high melt viscosity, good flowing property of coating. And selection of pigments and fillers of oil absorption is higher, the higher melting viscosity of powder coating, coating is not good flowing property. Specific solutions are:

1.Selection of polyester resin with low melt viscosity varieties, to choose lower softening point, the variety of epoxy resin.

2.Choose the right on the amount of pigment, avoid excessive use, especially a large quantity of oil absorption of organic pigments and carbon black, etc.

3.Choose oil absorption small packing varieties, is advantageous to the coating improved flowing property, the effect of barium sulfate is better than calcium carbonate.

4.Increasing flow ping agent dosage, or add hydrogenated castor oil, polyethylene wax, such as when the melt viscosity low solid compound fertilizer, reduce the melt viscosity of powder coating, good flowing property of coating. But add effects for powder paint storage stability, also affect coating appearance and gloss.

                                                                                                                             By Nicole

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