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China has become the next occupation of ink manufacturers

2017.03.08   09:34

China has a considerable scale of the printing industry, China's printing industry output is estimated to reach $160 billion. China's printing industry has a strong portfolio of domestic demand and exports.

The Chinese ink industry volume is quite large, offset printing ink and gravure printing ink ink is the pillar industry, the use amount of flexo printing and digital printing ink is increasing.

The Chinese ink market combines local and multinational ink manufacturers. In the domestic manufacturers, the main Bauhinia ink, gravure printing, offset printing, screen printing and UV ink, in the northern and Eastern Chinese south, which has production base. And Xinxiang city Wendexiangchuan printing ink company and Leton chemical products company.

Multinational ink manufacturers in China also have considerable investment. The two largest ink manufacturers are T&K and Toka of the joint venture company Hangzhou tokaind, as well as a joint venture with the Tianjin Toyo ink Toyo ink. DIC company in 1919 began the activities in China; DIC China is a subsidiary of the company, with seven ink factory.

In the world's top six largest ink manufacturer, Toyo ink has ten factories in China, Flint Group Seven, Siegwerk five, Sakata INX and Huber group were three and two.

Although the growth rate is slower than in previous years, China's ink manufacturers have been growing in the past year. It is expected that in the future there will be steady growth in these areas, but there will be no explosive growth.


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