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Children's paint industry need to practice the concept of paint coating of standard constraints

2017.03.10   08:58

Today, the disorderly competition in the coating industry has disrupted the market order, the need to use a standard to restrict the industry in the direction of healthy and orderly.

The level of profit is not satisfactory in the blank industry

However, although it has been aware of the importance of standard constraints, but for all levels, can promote the industry to the standard of standardization in the paint industry is still in a state of scarcity. On the whole industry, because of the lack of strict price mechanism, resulting in a serious price war phenomenon on the market, product quality is uneven, thus pulling down the industry's overall profit level. Coating industry profit decline argument has been going on for many years, but because of the gaps in the relevant standards, this situation has not been any improvement.

Lack of product standards and the concept of paint coating

In some segments of paint is not perfect, standard the hardest hit, causing flooding of various coating. As has been a significant impact on the field of large children's paint, although in the concept of speculation in the development of the dispute, forcing the market to regulate. But because the children paint GB is still in the ready state but did not appear, making this field because of all sorts of problems caused by the lack of children's paint standard is still continuing, but also affect the sub category to a higher level of development.


Lack of technical standards constraints can not guarantee quality

In addition, apart from the products, in the technical field of the paint industry also has a lot of industry standards lack, especially the construction technology of the painter's hand. Because no unified standard can refer to, when in fact painting painting work of each region on the technology of the control is lack of coordination, the final effect of the construction scheme of the same construction do differ greatly, even some differences have led to serious construction errors, this is not the service can be solved by late the problem.

The lack of standard constraints has been a potential obstacle to the development of the industry. The market order is chaotic, the enterprise development is arbitrary, the industry has already had to solve to the standard demand. Although the coating enterprises have a sense of standard constraints, but more important is to let the real standards of practice, so that the standard constraints really play a role in promoting industry norms and orderly development. 

                                                                                                                                      By Luffy

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