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Causes and Countermeasures of poor waterproof and oil proof in early stage after finishing

2017.03.30   09:36

1 performance of waterproof and oil proof agent

The stability and the adsorption capacity of cationic water proofing agent are better than that of non-ionic and anionic products. The smaller the molecular mass of the product, the better the film forming ability. The molecular structure of the waterproof and oil proof agent determines the advantages and disadvantages of oil resistance.

2 The dosage of water and oil proofing agents

Under normal working conditions, the effect of water and oil is increased with the increase of the dosage, but when the saturation is reached, the amount of oil and water is improved, and the effect of waterproof and oil is no longer improved.

3 baking conditions

Polymer waterproof and oil proof agent requires high temperature will be cross-linked into a film, baking will not affect the film formation, waterproof and oil effect is poor. Baking temperature is also critical, the higher the temperature, the more favorable for waterproof and oil. In order to avoid fabric yellowing and discoloration, temperature should be restricted, but can improve the waterproof and oil proof effect of prolonging curing time.

4 The pretreatment for fabric 

Pretreatment of fabric must be refined clean, residual oil and wax will affect the fabric on the adsorption of water and oil proof agents, before finishing fabrics required pH not alkali.

5 Good compound with other additive

The compound softener is non ionic and cationic, but not anionic. Nonionic softener has little influence on the oil and water resistance, but the handle is not ideal. A small amount of cationic silicone softener can produce a better hand feeling. Anti - static agent often choose non - ionic type, the cationic antistatic effect is good, but with the oil and water proofing agent with the bath will significantly reduce the effect of water and oil, should not be used.

6 The fabric structure

Polyester high density fabric with liquid rate below 30%, conventional dosage of waterproof 100; increase dosage and synergist without fluorine waterproof synergist or elevated temperature setting can improve the waterproof and oil proof effect. Blended fabrics such as polyester spinning, when used alone, surface water marks, adding melamine resin can improve this phenomenon. Nylon fabric in only above the isoelectric point, on display is the potential negative charge, in order to better adsorption of positively charged oil and water repellent agent molecules showed better waterproof and oil.

                                                                                                                              By Hank

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