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The application for the after REACH pre registration will be stopped since May 31, 2017

2017.04.01   10:31

The EU implement the REACH regulations since 1st of June in the year of 2008, registration is the main obligation under the statute.

The REACH register is divided into pre registration and formal registration, the pre registration, short period and low cost relative to and greatly reduce the cost of enterprises to deal with the regulations, and the use effect and the registration is no different, so in response to the initial regulations, enterprises for their own products in the market is difficult to grasp in the country of destination, basically all the enterprise did the pre registration to meet the requirements of REACH.

For enterprises, normally did  the pre registration  but not   completed  the registration. But different time periods can be taken pre registration is also limited. Pre registration is stopped after  end of December  in 2008.In order to trade smoothly for the enterprises which miss the pre registration, in January 5, 2009,the official launch of the after  pre registration, and with same effect with  pre registration, but after  pre registration number assigned at the beginning of 17,

After May 31, 2018, all the pre registration number will be completely invalid. For  the enterprise which are not yet did the pre-registration, in order to  enter the EU market ,they must be officially registered their products in the next one or two years  to seize the valuable opportunity for after pre registration before May 31, 2017.To discuss and screened a number  material which will be exported  next year, which is low cost during May 31st of the year 2017 -  May 31st of the year 2018.Iin order to avoid the high cost in the near future.


                                                                                                                    By Hank

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