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Disperse dyes, carbon black industry chain strong prices of refrigerant

2017.04.11   13:26

A week or more products: two ethanol amine (Hua Dong), carbon black (Hebei, 19.8%; N330, 15.7%); acetonitrile (Jilin petrochemical), 14.8%; ammonium chloride (Jiangsu Huachang, agricultural, wet) 14.6%; cyclohexanone (Hua Dong), 13.3%.

A week sales of products: glycine, -15.9%; vitamin E (domestic), -7.8%; NBP -6.7%; British spot, soda ash (light, Hua Dong), -5.3%; ethylene glycol (Hua Dong), -4.7%.

Disperse prices rose. This week the disperse dye (disperse black ECT300%) market price rose 4.5% to 23 yuan / kg, reactive market price will remain unchanged for the time being, different types of products in the price of 24~25 yuan / kg.

After the Spring Festival, printing and dyeing enterprises operating downstream recovery, Zhejiang Longsheng after the first increase disperse dye factory price, the market price of gravity has increased, along with the traditional spring season, dye demand is expected to continue to grow, to support the formation of the price of dye.

Carbon prices. This week, carbon black (N330, Hebei) prices rose 15.7% to 5900 yuan / ton. The raw coal tar prices continued to rise this week, 8.2% to 2887 yuan / ton, the price rise in support of the larger of carbon black.

The carbon black industry inventory low, as the downstream tire production enterprises to start gradual recovery, increase the intensity of demand and the price of raw materials of carbon black, carbon prices will remain high, is expected to steady upward. The effect of increasing cost, Sailun Jin Yu, Lin Chengshan, Pu Shanghai shuangqian enterprises such as the recent increase in tire prices, the increase rate of 3%~15%.

The refrigerant industry chain strength. This week, R22 prices rose 13% to 10900 yuan / ton, R134a prices rose 12.8% to 22500 yuan / ton, the price of other types of refrigerant have different degrees of rise. Some manufacturers of fluorite due to weather (due to cold weather in Inner Mongolia started to decline, the difficulty of fluorite flotation) supply shortage, and hydrofluoric acid enterprises because of environmental pressure started to maintain a low this week anhydrous hydrofluoric acid factory price rose 200~700 yuan / ton, promote the refrigerant downstream prices generally rose. The refrigerant production enterprises because of by-product hydrochloric acid library expansion, the operating rate was forced to decline with the future of the festival started recovery and 3~6 months the traditional peak season, the price is still upside is expected to refrigerant.

Risk warning: risk of chemical products demand is not up to the expected risk, international oil prices fell sharply.


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