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Valentine's Day rose 1 days 1 rose 1 yuan, 70 yuan price rose 3 times to dye

2017.04.14   09:34

This year's Valentine's Day roses have begun to price surge, the owner said "1 days 1 rose 1 yuan, while the special rose occupies a bright and colorful holiday market in fact, whether it is a space for one person, the familiar BLUELOVER, or nearly two years just the rise of the colorful rose, by the basic dyes processing, buy a small bottle of dye can make 300 common rose value rises.

The more the higher the price near the festival

The reporter asked a number of flower shop that, at present, the products according to the varieties of roses are different, each in the basic price of 4.5 yuan -6 yuan, about 10 of the flowers have been quoted in more than one hundred yuan, of course, this is just the price. "Has been the price estimate of 1 days 1 rose 1 dollars," Chen boss said to Valentine's day, the price rose at least 11 yuan, and recently scheduled 14 day flower orders, he basically offer 8 yuan 1: "after all, flowers not next week then, or to some appropriate price."

Compared with the ordinary rose, nearly two years of popular life box on Valentine's day on the eve of the price increase is significant, the small box price of 180 yuan to sell at least 500 yuan next week, Chen boss joked: "this is not 1 days rose 1 yuan, up 30 yuan for at least 1 days."

In the flower market in the reporter noted that the previous impression is always "sweet as supporting the stars now also sang" hero ", a lot of shops, in addition to the category of a bouquet of roses, all the stars have been placed on a prominent position.

Rose staining is not a secret

In fact, the special color of fresh cut flowers mostly by special staining and processing is not fresh. According to insiders, currently the world's rare natural growth of blue roses, now on the market to sell the "BLUELOVER" are artificial coloring, other rare color varieties are mostly so. The dyeing way roughly siphon culture, three kinds of color spray dyeing and soaking, the squid roots of white, pink and light colored roses dipped in the solution, the plant transpiration absorption and color, is the first method.

Reporter search "keywords rose stain" in the Taobao online, appeared a lot of franchised store color flower cultivation, coloring agents belong to their products "". If a bottle of 500 ml of medium with colorful rose four, priced at 100 yuan, the most intimate enclosed training video tutorials.

The reporter consulted about BLUELOVER compared only the light blue colored rose in dye, different colors of colorful rose petals were even more difficult: "first of all to the root branches cut, and then immersed in the dye respectively in different colors, dyeing agents also need according to the specific sequence of CIS clockwise arrangement, in order to ensure the cultivated rose color collocation for, even this may appear stain failure situation."

70 yuan dye to allow prices to rise 3 times

Therefore, in order to save time, many businesses in the production of BLUELOVER will use more immersion color way. From the store tutorial point of view, is the direct light rose petals inverted into the blue dye in the static moment, after removing the remains to be upside down, dry naturally after that is considered to be accomplished, if more "good", but also in the semi dry dye, the petals scattered on the little gold powder, silver powder. And the flower market on the common body bright bright pink roses "by the common rose into the crystal glue after glue powder and lots of bright.

While such a "dyeing equipment" the price is relatively cheaper, the price of 2 kilograms of blue dye in the Taobao online only 70 yuan, according to the petals of different sizes can be dyed rose 200-300. However, a BLUELOVER in the market price compared with ordinary rose at least 3 times increase, many shop owner said, on Valentine's day, a similar BLUELOVER "high-end varieties" sell well.

Rose is healthy to be avoided staining

Insiders said that the dyeing flower is a modification of natural flowers, rich color, also increased the appeal, but from the perspective of human health is not worth promoting. The reporter saw on the Internet, although some shopkeepers in the products are indicated in the dye using a "cosmetic grade, no smell, no stimulation to the skin" or "natural" pigments, but the comments reflect consumers will still have to smell the words still have faint scent.

When asked whether the stain will cause a certain impact on human health, many shopkeepers clearly replied "no", but the mention of whether the quality of the corresponding inspection standard, most businesses avoid. Only a few stores revealed that the dye will inevitably have some chemicals, it is recommended to wear masks in dyeing; and through spray color stain, also should as far as possible in the outdoors.

                                                                                                                                     By Luffy

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