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Raw material prices push the dyeing and printing industry to improve the performance

2017.04.20   08:58

Fabrics and artificial cost growth, shaoxing part of dyeing and printing factory has already announced that after slightly rising price of printing and dyeing, red, blue and other sensitive color price range around 0.5 1 yuan/kg.Previously, printing and dyeing industry in fujian has since February 7 to unified price of dyed fee, 30 yards below 3000 yuan, more than 30 yards grams of 2000 yuan.Analysts pointed out that influenced by the rising costs, plus 3-5 month is the traditional textile busy season, is expected to follow-up did not rule out more printing and dyeing factory price.

Raw materials soared push prices to rise

From the perspective of the rise in price notice of manufacturers, the cause of the rise in price from the recent labor costs, dyes, fabric and other costs rising.

How much raw material, after upstream companies an increase in the price of polyester raw materials, PX, PTA and MEG rises up to hundreds of yuan/ton.Affected by upstream, spandex price increase of about 2000 yuan/ton.At the same time, every breakthrough 14000 yuan/ton, price of viscose staple polyester staple fiber prices also rose 300 yuan/tons.

And in cotton, outside dish prices rose during the Spring Festival, after zheng cotton prices exceed 16000 yuan/ton.It is understood that the price of xinjiang cotton mainland warehouse the first rise in 300-400 yuan/tons.Commence in succession as the post-holiday textile garment factory, a new inventory tide is coming, the spot market tight supply cotton prices are expected to rise further.

Dye, affected by multiple factors such as cost, environmental protection, the supply and demand, on February 5th, disperse black mainstream product ex-factory price up to 26 yuan/kg, from the previous month rose 3 yuan/kg, or 13%.It is understood that the dye factory inventories low, subsequent still has certain inflationary expectations.

Printing and dyeing industry is different from the upstream and downstream industries, it is hard to stock up cost fluctuations in advance, so the rising prices of raw materials directly to printing and dyeing factory began to raise prices.

Dyeing and printing plate performance improvement

In the dyeing and printing plate only RunTu co announced the 2016 results.Company said that affected by the downstream demand resulting in a decline in prices, the company business revenue of 4.321 billion yuan in 2016, fell 4.43% year on year;Net profit of 686 million yuan, fell 6.49% year on year;Basic earnings per share 0.89 yuan.

However, as things stand, printing and dyeing enterprises more optimistic about the recent market condition.General-secretary its February 7, when investors accept investigation, said dye products prices since January this year, the company for 2017 product prices are still rising expectations.

Solomon's its at the same time, according to recent inventory has decreased.The main reason is that after dyeing season approaching, dye demand is increasing.Recent rebound dye prices, prompting downstream printing vendor batch stock in advance.In January 2017, dye sales price is higher than the same period last year level.

Company said that in the next few years, sales will continue to improve the dye, dye business market position will be further improved.Electricity in the company diversified development strategy, digital, environmental protection and new materials, seven of the cloud to electric business platform operation, digital ink and sprinkler, sewage treatment projects and new materials research and development projects and business will be achieved rapid development.The company core business of doing fine and stronger dye, on the basis of the use of capital market resources, through the development of related industries to do big business diversification.

In addition, there are analysts pointed out that the price of the dye at historically low levels, factory price increases the will of the strong.In general, in the second quarter of textile, printing and dyeing, etc will demand in peak season, from the point of historical prices, prices are universal in the second quarter of dye.


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