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Coating raw materials market rose due to four aspects

2017.04.25   08:39

After the Spring Festival, the market price is about coating raw materials has become a hot topic There were many discussions., at the top of the industry, upstream and downstream industry chain also pay special attention to this, from 2016 to early 2017, solvent, resin, titanium dioxide, three important raw materials which have different degrees of price increases. Analysis of the reasons for price increases,  can be supported from crude oil, environmental protection, export increases, pre stocking four aspects of dialysis.

The ups and downs of the domestic paint raw material products, each one has its own merits.

The ups and downs of coating material products in the domestic performance, olefins and aromatics become the main gainers, look at the coating of titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide as important materials from last year to now, experienced a total of 16 times the price, the majority of domestic sulfuric acid method of rutile and anatase titanium dioxide is the mainstream offer in 15500-16800 yuan / ton and 14000-15000 yuan / ton (including tax). In addition, TDI products in the last year is to steal the limelight, is still on the road ahead of the high, in February 10th, the East China TDI price of 30800-31000 yuan / ton, compared with pre 1000-2000 yuan / ton growth.

Crude oil support

International crude oil hovering above $50-53, a certain support for the paint raw material market. According to the chemical network monitoring data show that in January, in the year to date, WTI crude oil has been maintained at around $50-53. The oil market is strong support, aromatics, good olefin product performance by the end of February 10th, the domestic pure ex factory price of 8795 yuan / ton, this week rose to 7.06%, an increase of 100.34%. Butadiene 26500 yuan / ton, but according to the high price of butadiene market weakness, the general trend, the market to digest inventory based.

Environmental supervision

Environmental inspectors shut down heavily polluting enterprises, resulting in a reduction in supply, and promote raw material prices. It is understood that the domestic areas because of environmental pressure, maintenance and other factors, many production device coating raw materials increased, causing the market supply tight, prices.

Export increase

Unit shut down more exports increased. In the case of TDI, 2016 overseas device shut down, BASF and cosmos a start is not high, tight supply, domestic exports increased TDI, the highest price soared to 50 thousand yuan / ton, lower resistant sponge factory. It is reported that after the Spring Festival TDI gradually enter the peak season, Cangzhou Dahua industry inventory is low, slightly tight supply, the latest sales guide price of 28500 yuan / ton.

Finally, in addition to the above three points, pre stocking is also one of the factors of high prices. The Spring Festival will be early coating raw materials manufacturers stocking, in order to ensure the normal operation of the market, resulting in propylene oxide, phenol and other chemical price part.

As of early 2017 development of hot words, prices become the coating enterprises have heart disease, only in-depth understanding of the reasons for price increases, we can skillfully deal with an antidote against the disease, the storm.


                                                                                                                         By Betty

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