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Green ,energy saving and environmental protection has become the key words to the development of coatings

2017.04.28   08:48

Epoxy flooring industry green energy saving and environmental protection will become the mainstream of future development, harm to human beings and ecological environment caused by the increasingly serious environmental pollution, the development of environmental protection and energy saving coating has been urgent, whether from the social demand, the demand of the people, the environment needs to see, the development of green environmental protection coating will be required for the future development of society.

In recent years, countries in order to ensure economic development while ensuring better environmental protection, and vigorously promote the development of green building industry, the national development and Reform Commission have also developed green building standards and green building action notice etc.. Green building is a sign that the construction industry has gradually matured after decades of development. The origin of the development of green building materials, in the past due to limited technology and low quality of enterprises, greatly limiting the development of building materials industry. One of the paint industry and construction industry as the essential material, its environmental performance has attracted much attention, the traditional enterprise depends on the lowest volume can not meet the market demand, with the development of society and economy, the paint industry has entered the transition period, the price competition from the past into the difference of competition, consumer demand is also from the traditional functional requirements to individual demand function, green energy-saving environmental protection will become the mainstream in the future development of coatings. Green building, will further promote the development of green energy-saving environmental protection coatings.

Green building refers to the practice of improving the building the use of resources (energy, water, and materials) efficiency, in the construction of the entire life cycle, to maximize the conservation of resources (energy, land, water and financial), protect the environment and reduce pollution, provide health, energy saving and efficient use of space for people that building in harmony with nature.

Paint is playing an important role in people's life, and it is one of the indispensable building materials in modern society. But around the world each year from the paint volatile emitted to the atmosphere of volatile organic compounds VOC about 10 million tons, is one of the main sources of air pollution. In recent years, the city continued to haze, dust storms, people's awareness of environmental protection continues to improve, the national provincial and municipal green building standards and restrictions on VOC emission regulations have also been introduced. Environmental protection and energy saving coating with its environmental protection, functionality, aesthetics and other characteristics won the favor of consumers, a new type of environmental protection and energy saving coatings to replace the traditional heavy pollution coatings become the consensus of the whole society.

At present, waterborne coating is a hot spot in the coating industry, waterborne epoxy coating is a substitute for solvent based coatings, and it is a special substitute, because of its low VOC content and more environmental protection. This problem is precisely the focus of the current demand for paint, which also increased the competitiveness of water-based coatings in the market.

Waterborne epoxy floor paint has been very good development, the state has introduced some water-based paint standards, the water paint put on Legal coat, one can protect the production and development of waterborne epoxy paint epoxy paint companies, two and can protect the interests of consumers. The improvement of law will promote the development of waterborne coatings market.


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