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Four perspective on titanium dioxide

2017.06.28   09:42

Idea 1: paint factory inventory is high, but with the positive. Main factory inventory is higher, but still actively taking goods. This phenomenon shows that factory on the afternoon of titanium dioxide prices continue to rise higher expectations, in 18000-19000 interval positive stock price. Hands of titanium dioxide manufacturers in negative inventory, backlog orders for 1.5 months. 2-3 months is unlikely to accumulate inventory. If the factory inventory is not a large number of accumulation, decrease in the prices of the titanium dioxide is unlikely.

Idea 2: into the off-season, the market enthusiasm. Sales in the traditional off-season titanium dioxide is in November and the Spring Festival. But not pale Spring Festival season in 2017, before the Spring Festival dealers dense procurement, basic to accept the price of 17000-18000 central. Now, the off-season postponed to April, the price may be consolidation in the 18000-18000, the pressure from higher before digestion step by step.

Idea 3: environmental capacity still have space, very few new capacity. 16 years since the second half, the environmental protection pressure lead to parts of titanium white plant, capacity utilization to reduce or even stop production of titanium concentrate, shrinking supply, pushing up prices. Environmental pressure in 2017 is expected to continue to heat up, 19 major hot issues, such as, the area along the meeting will stimulate the environmental policy to develop in the direction of more stringent, supply is expected to shrink. New capacity in present only nuclear titanium white and the league, has a policy for examination and approval of the threshold, the future new capacity is limited.

Idea 4: quarterly pricing foreign manufacturers, the domestic market price change frequently. Domestic orders clinch a deal with subject is given priority to, clinch a deal the price change frequently. But foreign manufacturers basic pricing according to the quarter. 17 years, the domestic price of titanium dioxide greater probability of more than 20000 yuan, may even more than 30000 yuan, abroad due to the different pricing mechanism, big probability follow domestic prices to rise.

Conclusion: titanium dioxide or demand is less than the supply, the future trend remains the same. Environmental pressure to promote to capacity, the new capacity affected by policy limit shrink the supply of examination and approval; Second - and third-tier cities real estate data, overseas production capacity out of good export support demand; Domestic titanium concentrate by environmental pressure to stop limit production, poor India ore exports to costs continue to rise. Three factors, titanium dioxide, 2017 above 20000 / ton is a big probability event.

                                                                                                                                               By Betty

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