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Four factors determine the quality of black masterbatch

2017.07.13   14:03

Individual speaking masterbatch manufacturer of color masterbatch used in textile, plastic, rubber and other products in the contrast, which four factors mentioned above is the quality of the choice of color masterbatch.Color masterbatch quality depends on the following factors: the degree of dispersion, mask, rheological property, compatibility, stability, color shade.

High dispersion degree

Color masterbatch is to use carbon black to consumption. Carbon black is very hard to solve and nasty olio, it's full of dust, the weight light, is loose. Unless you take a wide range of solutions, it will be dirty machines and workers, the task environment become dirty. Due to this reason, the caster are widely choices on a carrier resin, color masterbatch, implementing the dispersion of carbon black. The carrier resin is clean, comfortable and easy to use. In addition, the carbon black in addition to the dirty, and a feature is difficult to dispersion. If the raw carbon black melt injection molding time, coloring the consequences will be very poor. Without the dispersion of carbon black stripes or spots area in the middle of the color is less in the side will emerge in significantly. Specification of the injection molding machine cannot effectively the dispersion of carbon black.

Carbon black which is difficult to the performance of dispersion and coloring masterbatch consumer. Use single or double screw extrusion machine consumption of high load color masterbatch dispersion sex is very poor. When eventually use these color masterbatch mixed or molded, its performance is only a little better than carbon black, but the consequences are equally unsatisfied. To reach the height of a solid dispersion sex, must use high level shear pads and machine to mix with carbon black, such as FCM or BANBURY mishmash. Using sufficient strength, these hybrid machine can make basic resin carbon black and complete mixed together. The use of carbon black type also influence the dispersion. The smaller the carbon black particles, the more difficult the dispersion is.

The use of thin la is the most exquisite dispersivity request. Poor dispersion of masterbatch of the final product from edges can easily by the naked eye. In addition to the lack of sense of beauty, thin film in the dispersion of carbon black significantly decline in the performance of the color film anti weathering. Good dispersivity of small particles is a significant characteristic of fiber industry, the fibers used in string, yarn, carpet and the rest of the industry. Big machines at the same time at a speed of more than 5000 meters per minute consumption out of 30000 shares of fine fiber. If the poor dispersion of masterbatch, will be broken fiber, cause consumer to return to work.

Strong covering powder

Choice of color masterbatch quality of the second factor is cover, about to scrap or recycled polymer masterbatch, this factor is particularly important, under these conditions, the effect of color is to cover up the waste in other colors. Large particles of carbon black coloring ability is poorer, difficult to cover all the rest in the upper color, the consequences of the final product only get off color. In the melting process, accurately select possess high coloring to carbon black to cover up the existing color to the so-called covering powder.

Good activity

Choice of color masterbatch quality the third factor is the rheology and activity. If a good dispersivity masterbatch itself, but it can't activities into the materials to be molded, the consequences of that consumption is not a fantasy. Individual, for consumption of masterbatch base resin with high rheological property. To thrift in line, some masterbatch consumption commercial repeated use of materials, waste, or reworked material as a carrier resin. Such a consumption activity in the masterbatch performance will decrease significantly, if rheology is bad, mold the union on the cycle time and appearance to solve ran into trouble. Notable is, if the dispersion and rheology is not high, some progress will eventually by using the enrichment ratios, but this kind of practice will only add to the use of the masterbatch in line. Has the minimum concentration than masterbatch can output the average, good dispersion color.

Large compatibility

Compatibility is the fourth choice color masterbatch quality factors. If masterbatch is using the chip or reworked material consumption, so it can contain purification material or the rest of the polymer melt.


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