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The variety and level of color master batch

2017.07.13   14:12

The classification for masterbatch: Classification  by courier:: such as PE Masterbatch,,PP masterbatch, ABS   masterbatch, PVC masterbatch, EVA masterbatch . Classification by use: such as injection color masterbatch, blow molding  masterbatch ,spinning color masterbatch, etc. Varieties can be divided into different levels, such as:

1 advanced injection masterbatch used for toys, electrical enclosures, cosmetics packaging boxes and other advanced products.

2 ordinary injection masterbatch for ordinary household plastic products and industrial containers etc..

3 senior film masterbatch for blow molding coloring ultra-thin products.

4 ordinary film masterbatch for blow molding coloring ordinary packaging bag and woven bag.

5 spinning color masterbatch for textile fiber spinning coloring pigment, fine particles, high concentration, strong coloring, resistant to heat and light.

6 lower for low manufacture of Color Masterbatch quality products, such as trash and low-level containers etc..

7, special masterbatch is based on the user specified for the products of plastic varieties, use the same plastic as the carrier made of color masterbatch. Such as PP and ABS respectively by PP Color Masterbatch, ABS as carrier.

8, general masterbatch (with some kind of resin with low melting point PE) as a carrier, but it can be applied to other resin except the carrier resin coloring. General color is relatively simple, but the disadvantage is more, users are advised to use special color masterbatch.

    The heat-resistant special masterbatch is generally compatible with products for the plastics, at normal temperature, can be assured use. Only in the following circumstances will cause varying degrees of color, one is beyond the normal range of temperature, one is too long downtime.

9,Compared to coloring pelletizing ,masterbatch coloring has the following advantages:

The coloring and the product processing are finished once, and the heating process of the plastic is avoided. Simplify the production process of plastic products. Can save a lot of energy .


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