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What are the properties of pigment for masterbatch

2017.07.13   14:21

Pigment has the following properties:

1, migration resistance

Pigment resistance transference refers to the color of plastic products and other gas, liquid and solid state, material long-term contact or work in certain circumstances, there may be the material physical and chemical performance, as pigment from plastic products free surface to internal migration, or transfer to the adjacent plastic or solvent in.

Migration rating criteria

Level 1 Level 2, level 3, level 4, level 5,

Significant migration, migration, migration

2 heat resistance

PVC, PE pigment temperature 160-180 degrees Celsius

ABS, PS pigment temperature 250-280 degrees Celsius

PP, PA, PET pigment temperature above 280 degrees

General requirements for the heat resistance of the paint for 4-10 minutes, usually, the higher the temperature, the shorter the heat resistance time. Phthalocyanine blue pigment temperature of 325 degrees Celsius, 10 minute color

3 inorganic pigments have good light resistance.

4 weather resistance refers to the color stability of the pigment in the natural conditions.

5 titanium dioxide is divided into anatase (A) titanium dioxide rutile (R) titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide at a low concentration of whiteness with the content of PP increased speed increased, when the concentration of more than 1.5%, whiteness is no longer rising from 1%-8%, the whiteness of the compact increased by 2.8%, indicating that beyond a certain concentration range, increase the content of titanium dioxide and can improve the whiteness. In order to further improve the whiteness, fluorescent whitening agent can be used, only a small amount of fluorescent whitening agent can significantly improve the color of titanium dioxide.

6 cadmium yellow tinting strength, light, good weather resistance, no migration, no color (toxic pigment). This product can be used as a plastic yellow colorant, its bright color, light resistance, good heat resistance, solvent resistance, water resistance and alkali resistance is good, but not acid, coloring, hiding power is not too high.

7 whitening and toning the ultramarine, it can clear the white products in yellow color.


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