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Digital textile ink to promote the rapid development of digital printing industry

2017.09.15   14:24

Digital printing is the printing of digital technology. Digital printing technology is a new and high-tech product which integrates mechanical, computer and electronic information technology with the continuous development of computer technology. The emergence and continuous improvement of this technology have brought a brand new concept to textile printing and dyeing industry, and its advanced production principles and methods have brought an unprecedented opportunity for development of textile printing and dyeing.

Textile printing inks are mainly produced in the United States and Europe, while the major consumer in Europe, the United States and china. Since 2011, the rapid growth of global production, by the end of 2016, global production has more than 13000 kiloliter.

The price of textile printing ink has also declined in the past five years due to market impact. Mainly with the popularity of digital printing, more and more manufacturers to enter this field, especially the field of heat transfer. The market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. But compared with the traditional printing process, the price of this ink is still too high. The gross profit margin of the global product is about 40%, so since 2014, the gross profit margin has declined to some extent.

There are more textile printing ink manufacturers worldwide, and the largest companies account for about 11% of the market, mainly in the United States and europe. DuPont and Huntsman as the benchmark enterprises in the industry, both in product quality or technology, are in a leading position.

Prices of foreign products are generally higher than the prices of domestic products, but due to the widespread development of foreign manufacturers, the history of manufacturing technology is relatively mature, textile printing ink performance is relatively stable. For Chinese manufacturers, in order to seize the domestic market, technological research and development should be strengthened to produce better textile printing ink products.

At present, textile printing is still a large number of traditional technology, poor environmental protection, long design cycle, these shortcomings have become increasingly prominent. Therefore, these factors provide a good opportunity for the development of the industry. More and more manufacturers are entering the field of textile printing ink, and capacity and output will grow rapidly, with a CAGR of about 19% over the next 6 years.


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