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Environmental protection era:Coating industry needs to look far

2017.09.15   16:26

Environmental protection supervision since 2016 by the ministry "supervise enterprise" to upgrade to 2017 by the central inspectorate "supervise political", the present moment, 21 provinces throughout the country issued documents about environmental protection responsibility division of labor, the department of environmental protection responsibilities clear, 24 provinces introduced provincial environmental protection supervision plan, 24 provinces issued detailed rules for the implementation of party and government leading cadres damage ecological environment responsibility, the rest of the province is also working on and ask for some advice. These documents have been published, which complies with the environmental responsibility of local governments and departments at various levels, and the large pattern of environmental supervision in the central and provincial levels has been preliminarily formed.

       The automobile industry is closely related to solvent coatings.

Under the circumstances of the environmental supervision, is for the coating industry is jittery, of course, the answer is no, as long as we put the eyes a bit further, for example, we can look to the automotive industry.

According to domestic media reports, baic plans to invest 3 billion yuan in new factories in fuling new district in chongqing, with a share of no less than 30 percent. The new factory is said to be working in fuling. It will be completed in two years, with a total design capacity of 300, 000 vehicles per year. The main production will be new energy vehicles. What does this message probably mean to me? Of course, if you're just a spectator, then of course it doesn't matter to you. But if we dig deep into this, it's not hard to see that this is a friendly signal for paint (water paint) industries.

There was a long time when solvent coatings were a necessary part of the production of cars, and they cost hundreds of thousands of tons of gasoline paint a year. The heavy use of solvent paints by car spray paint also causes energy waste and seriously polluted the air. With organic solvent as diluent solvent coating, in the process of the use of solvent-based coating film, a large number of volatile oil resources waste of resources, at the same time of volatile solvent coating VOC gas but also the one of the main causes of smog. In many fields, our country is only solvent the discharge of the coating to use volatiles is close to 7 million tons each year, the solute coating USES the harm degree to be able to show a measure.

Environmental protection time water lacquer is more in line with The Times demand

With the coming of the era of environmental protection, rising consumer demand for service quality. Maintenance services, in particular, consumers are demanding the efficiency and quality of the ascension, but also in the pursuit of the balance of price and value.

The water paint is more smooth, adhesion and wear-resistant. It is more closely related to the quality of the original plant. Moreover, the water paint can be effective in reducing the cost of daily maintenance. In terms of environmental performance, water is water paint as diluent, the product itself does not contain any chemical substances, likewise, in the process of its use in production to the volatile substances in the air and water, can not only ensure the user's health, also won't produce pollution to the environment. So many enterprises aware of the trend, seek water QiChang technical cooperation, remember to fuling new factory for water paint enterprises is also a good opportunity for development, if the water paint enterprises can seize more opportunities like this, believe that the domestic large-scale application of water-based automotive coating will be just around the corner.


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