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The characteristics and USES of polycarbonate films

2017.09.20   13:29

Polycarbonate film is the general term for a resin that has a carbonate structure. Polycarbonate as a practical material in various synthesis, was first made successfully by western bayer in 1506. In Japan, was founded in 196 by teijin chemical company to "of gold act of parliament", mitsubishi edo sichuan chemical company with "nylon" especially, idemitsu kosan company such as "FuGuan" name of commodity production.

The advantage of this kind of film is: (1) has a similar gloss polyester film, colorless, transparent (transparency can be compared with cellulose acetate), the strength can be juxtaposed with polyester, nylon. The impact resistance is excellent. (2) heat resistant, hardy, resistant to pressurization, freezing, and low temperature resistance over polyester. (3) strong oil resistance, using the advantages of breathability, water absorption and low moisture absorption, can make cooking food packaging bags.

The disadvantages of this film are: (1) when the heat is combined, the intensity around the sealing part of the sealing part is low, which makes it easy to blister. (2) when it is used for packaging food, it needs to be compounded with polyethylene. (3) the price is high.

The purpose of this film: most of it is used for electrician and photography. It is good for food packaging because it has the properties of preventing ultraviolet rays from being transmitted well and plastic odors. Although at present can be used to package pickle items such as water cut, but because of its resistance to heat, plasticizing is wide and has high strength, can prevent electrostatic, confirmed the advantages of good performance, can also be widely used in manufacturing curry powder container, sheep soup, pudding, vacuum forming packaging such as fish soup. In addition, it can also be used as an eye medicine bottle, milk bottle, etc.

                                                                                                                                               By Betty

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