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2017 hangzhou VOCs governance enterprise 208 list

2017.09.25   16:33

According to the plan for the implementation of the air pollution prevention and control plan in hangzhou 2017, hangzhou will carry out comprehensive technological exhaust treatment in 2017, completing 208 VOCs Governance.

Promote the pollution control of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Finish the VOCs regulation and emission reduction tasks in the province. According to "about forwarding hangzhou chemical fiber industry wave. The requirements of the regulation on the regulation of the pollution regulation (trial) by the regulation on the pollution of the hair organic material (trial), and the notification of the regulation of pollution control in 12 industries, such as , are completed Deep governance of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of key industries and key enterprises; We will focus on the governance of the 200 VOCs emitters, according to the regulation requirements In order to prepare a plan, the remediation plan should be reviewed by the experts and submitted to the environmental protection department of the territory to be implemented after the review. The renovation should be completed by the environmental protection department of the territory Control effect tissue for testing and testing. The unit that has already carried out the management carries out "look back" according to the regulation regulation, and through necessary supervisory sex monitoring To check the effect of the regulation, the enterprises that fail to achieve the effect of regulation must be reworked until the regulation is met. The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) The emission of key enterprises shall be included in supervisory monitoring.

To promote the pollution control of volatile organic matter in the printing industry, all kinds of printing enterprises in the whole city should collect the waste by the whole production line Gas, the processing of printing exhaust gas to the provincial environmental protection hall "about retweeting" the regulation of the pollution control of volatile organic materials in the chemical fiber industry of hangzhou city, the "," etc. 12 Notice of industry VOCs pollution regulation specification for printing industry requirements.

Promote the management of volatile organic compounds in characteristic industries. By the end of 2017, xiao shan chemical fiber, shoes, sanitary ware, fuyang cosmetics, linan decorative paper, The printed circuit board, tonglu pen and other characteristic industries VOCs governance.

Continue to promote the investigation of emission sources of VOCs in key industries, and promote the continuous updating of the source list database; Continue to carry out the key industry VOCs source spectrum analysis, needle To formulate the feasibility plan for emission reduction of VOCs key emission sources in the city; The key VOCs emission enterprises pilot installation online monitoring system, the specific list by the municipal environmental protection bureau Other post shall be confirmed.

We will promote the construction of VOCs comprehensive remediation systems, formulate key industry emission standards, and strengthen technical guidance and evaluation of corporate governance, and strengthen technical services. The initial exploration is to establish the VOCs allocation and accounting system based on emission reduction targets.

Optimize process control, strengthen leak detection and repair (LDAR) system, complete the province's assigned LDAR technical transformation task.

To explore innovative products such as non-organic solvent coatings and pesticides; To strengthen the source reduction, continue to promote the adoption of low toxicity, low volatility, low VOCs The original auxiliary materials of the content, the implementation of the production process of the closed, continuous, automatic technological transformation.

To organize and carry out the prescriptive treatment of the spraying operation of the automobile repair industry, to eliminate the non-conforming requirements, to stop the production and control, to ensure that the auto repair enterprises are sanded, The process of drying and painting is carried out in confined Spaces, and the resulting waste gas is collected to meet the target discharge. Gradually promote the use of water - based paint.


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