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The application of ultrafine grinding mill production line in marble is analyzed

2017.10.16   09:30

Marble, also known as marble, is the limestone of the recrystallization, which is mainly composed of CaCO3. The limestone is soft under high temperature and high pressure and occurs in minerals When the changes are made, they are recrystallized into marble. There are many colors, usually there are obvious patterns and many mineral grains. Mohs are between 2.5 and 5. The marble Mainly composed of calcite, limestone, serpentine and dolomite, the main components are calcium carbonate, which accounts for more than 50%.

Marble processing needs to be treated with the proper equipment, and processed marble can be better used in People's Daily life, for people Life is convenient, but what kind of equipment does it take to grind the marble into powder? What role does it play in the marble grinding production line ? In general, the equipment used in marble grinding powder has a ramon mill, ultrafine grinder and vertical mill.

Ramon mill is one of the most common and economical grinding equipment in the market. It is widely used in the grinding of marble and has high application The value, the ramon grinding structure adopts the vertical form, reduces the part of the floor area, and the complete set of equipment is very strong, can be completed independently Stone mill work without any other auxiliary equipment; The gear drive is equipped with a closed gearbox and belt wheel, which can effectively prevent powder Dust pollution, the environmental damage caused by dust, and the operation of the equipment is very safe and reliable; The important parts of ramon mill are made of the most advanced materials In addition, it improves the wear resistance of the equipment, slows down the wear speed of parts, and saves a maintenance fee.

Ultrafine grinding machine equipment from the raw material crushing, conveying, the powder to the finished product collection, storage, and packaging, can be an independent and complete production System, systematic and strong. The built-in grading system of the main engine can adjust product fineness according to the requirement. It can produce fine powder of D97 = 3-8 m and can also be produced D97 = 10-40 mm common powder, the applicability of the equipment is strong. Greener, more energy efficient. Production under negative pressure, with high efficient dust collector, work environment powder Less dust; Adopting semi-automatic control and unique process, the production efficiency is greatly improved, which is the lowest energy consumption of fine grinding equipment.


                                                                                                                                                                By Nicole

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