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Indigo pigment has been successfully applied to new fields

2017.10.16   09:57

Austrian researchers have been studying the use of indigo pigment in electronics because of its special semiconductor properties.

A common semiconductor based on silicon material has been widely used in manufacturing such as integrated circuits, transistors, diodes, or solar cells Product.

Silicon is a hard and brittle crystalline solid with blue-gray metallic luster. Although it has been used in semiconductor electronics for many years, other semi-conductors Body materials are showing greater potential for development, some of which have been put into use, for example, some hydrocarbons are now mobile phones and televisions Standard raw materials for OLED displays.

Dr By Serdar Sar ? ciftci (Turkish Austrian physicist) team in the near future in using indigo dye production of semiconductor A major breakthrough was made.

After testing, the new material is very stable when exposed to air and water.

According to the current work at the university of linz johann Kepler Sar ? ciftci Dr Is introduced: "we are looking for biodegradable materials, semiconductor in In the process, we encountered this kind of material that was written in the bible as indigo.

The tests showed that indigo and its derivatives were able to show true semiconductor properties, and the indigo pigments found in the tombs of pharaohs in ancient Egypt for thousands of years It is still visible.

The difficulty with the commercialization of indigo is that it is almost insoluble, so it is necessary to try many ways to process it as an organic semiconductor element. In the end, Dr Sar ? ciftci passed to volatile base combined with indigo molecules to the soluble pigment.

After the process stabilizes, indigo is expected to challenge the rules of the new generation of the semiconductor industry, which will be used in future electronic equipment production. It should be Another area of use is medical devices (based on bioelectronics) because indigo semiconductors can be in fluids and different types of acid and alkaline environments It works well.

However, one area where indigo semiconductor has a poor performance is solar power, because too much heat can be lost.

                                       By Nicole

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