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Energy conservation and green production of titanium dioxide industry into sustainable development

2017.10.16   10:04

Chinese titanium dioxide has entered the stage of industrialization after the development for 60 years , much starker choices-and graver consequences-in during the development of titanium white production is the key to the transformation and upgrading of titanium dioxide industry in China, in order to realize the sustainable development of titanium dioxide industry in China, encouraging titanium pigment production enterprises to strengthen technological innovation, focus on scientific development and ecological environment construction, learn from each other improve together.According to the petrochemical industry association of the requirements of \"green development six action plan\", actively promote titanium white production raw energy conservation and emissions reduction technology in China and abroad advanced experience, in the China coating industry association titanium dioxide branch of the deputy secretary-general of elaborate organization, pay a river under the auspices of, on June 28, 2017 in the shandong longkou successfully hosted the \"energy-saving green manufacturing and application of the first China titanium dioxide industry BBS\".

Yang zhaofei, a former chief engineer of the ministry of environmental protection, said in a statement that the government, society and the market are responsible for the environmental pollution. He argues that to change all that depends on the government, "the government can no longer have a paternalistic, nanny oversight." Mr Yang suggested that the cat-and-mouse approach to enforcement needed to change in the past. He called for companies to voluntarily commit to pollution reduction in accordance with the law, pledge to compensate for environmental losses, commit to publicize environmental information and accept social supervision.

Yang Chaofei said, the government, society and enterprises to clear their respective responsibilities, build polluters pollution consciously, regulators sunshine administration law enforcement, social environmental social atmosphere, form the new pattern of responsibilities clear, effective regulation.

Dawn group's chairman, says Mr Yu Xiaoning dawn titanium industry as a leader of energy efficiency benchmarking enterprise, through the concept of green development, the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology, in the use of waste water, waste gas, waste residue has a harvest, a qualitative leap. During the 13th five-year period, how to realize energy-saving development is a problem that enterprises must face. Yu also called on everyone to actively practice green and sustainable development according to the six requirements of green development of China petroleum and chemical industry federation. Call on the titanium dioxide counterparts to strengthen management, improve the process, enhance environmental protection, and control costs. The chairman of the chairman said deeply: for future generations, we must be environmentally conscious and lacking in anything.

The petrochemical association and China coatings industry association also gave high comments on the meeting:

In his speech, Mr. Li yongliang, director of energy efficiency of the petrochemical federation, affirmed the progress and achievements of China's titanium dioxide industry in energy conservation and cleaner production over the years.

Secretary general of the China coating industry association in his speech Mr Yan Yongjiang hope to titanium dioxide industry in China adheres to the principle of green production, walk the road of sustainable development, to "the first China titanium dioxide industry energy-saving green manufacturing and application of BBS" to express warm congratulations!

In his speech, Mr. Sun peng, chairman of the titanium powder branch of China coating industry association, pointed out that the standard emission and emission reduction of titanium dioxide industry in China is the most important part of the production of titanium dioxide.

The titanium white powder industry should strengthen scientific and technological innovation, pay attention to ecological development, and strive for the sustainable development of titanium dioxide industry in China!

The experts and representatives of the conference made a detailed analysis on the comprehensive utilization of titanium gypsum and wastewater treatment. Full culmination of "interaction" link, the application of association in the field of leadership and the downstream enterprises with titanium dioxide interaction, the downstream enterprise on behalf of titanium dioxide are brought forward in the masterbatch, printing ink, and other fields should pay attention to the problems in application, at the same time, also bring up market prices should not rise and drop shock are too big, too frequently, often go up drop, ups and downs is fatal to the downstream enterprises.

Finally, the delegates visited the dawn titanium industry and in the company of titanium white production wastewater treatment after outside the port, the delegates is amazed to find that drainpipe on the bottom of the indicators of water data in online monitoring clearly displayed on the screen, the eliminator has also erected environmental commitment to sign, and to the public to do a good job of environmental protection of nine commitment: namely, strictly observe the environmental protection laws, regulations and rules and regulations; We will effectively strengthen environmental management of enterprises, ensure the normal operation of online monitoring facilities, transmit stability and achieve the discharge of pollutants. Set up perfect file material, implement environmental standardization management; We will improve the normalization of corporate sewage treatment, and do not set aside dark tubes to avoid the discharge of sewage. The construction project strictly implements the eia and the "three simultaneous" system; To dispose of solid waste in accordance with regulations; Actively accept the supervision of the environmental protection department, not to hide, not to cheat, to declare the pollution report truthfully; We will improve emergency plans for environmental pollution accidents, strengthen daily emergency preparedness, improve emergency facilities, implement environmental safety measures, and prevent environmental pollution accidents. We will actively promote cleaner production, create environment-friendly enterprises, and continue to develop energy and energy consumption and reduce pollution and increase efficiency. In case of any breach of this promise, our company will voluntarily bear the corresponding legal liabilities. Hereby promise!

Enterprise to the society to make "green promise" is the strengthening of environmental awareness, and self-discipline of the efficient measures, on the morning of last December 20, mr.zhang government on the third floor 2 meeting rooms and held a symposium titanium pigment enterprises production and business operation and environmental protection work. Previously, the CCTV "economy half hour" column exposed the problem of environmental pollution in panzhihua city, then panzhihua city of 36 enterprises implemented the shutdown. After investigation, water pollution, mainly for the partial selection of mining enterprises to steal drainage row, among which the vanadium titanium high-tech zone enterprises 16. The pollution is not high-tech zone, the titanium dioxide enterprise inside but chain enterprise according to the superior deployment, production, inspection, rectification, repair, develop cleaner production and pollution, stacking and other measures. Under the proposal of a river, six titanium dioxide enterprises in the park jointly issued a joint commitment to "fulfill social responsibilities and do well in environmental protection".

We want to develop the economy, industry to go to the road of development, we must insist on both more hills and green jinshan yinshan, insist on green, titanium dioxide industry development cycle, low carbon mode to the healthy development.

                                                                                                                                                                       By Betty

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