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Another 10,000 tons of paint production capacity project will start in July

2017.10.24   14:44

It is understood that the hammer to pull Germany paint company yearly produces 10000 tons of car coating projects through sufficient investigation, positive preparation, the project has had the requirement of construction, project construction began in July 2017, and is expected to be completed in June 2018. The project is in jilin economic and technological development zone in jilin city, and the production scale of the project is 4000 tons/year of water-based paints and 3000 tons/year of water-based color paints and 3000 tons/year of varnish.

It is reported that the project is expected to be worth 150 million yuan and 60 million yuan in profit. This is the first automotive paint r&d center and production base project of the German investment in China. It also means that the German government has officially joined the Chinese market.

Hemmelrath LACKFABRIK of Germany, mainly engaged in the development, production and service of water-based automobile coatings, as the market leader in the global automotive industry. Hemmelrath has been used in more than 40 auto factories and over 7 million vehicles worldwide. The company in the United States, Russia, Germany, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, 7 countries set up companies in China, the current capacity of 25000 tons, mainly for the BMW, Volkswagen, audi, Volvo, porsche and other high-end models. The sales of the year 2014 was 2 billion yuan .

                                                                                                                                                                        By Betty

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