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How to make the combination of chemical raw material plasticizer and resin the best

2017.10.31   09:53

Under what conditions can chemical agents, plasticizers and resins combine to achieve the best results?

Here we sum up three points, I hope they are helpful.

(1) good miscibility, which is the basic requirement for environmental plasticizers. What is called good solubility is that a polymer can hold as many plasticizers as possible. And form a uniform and stable system. Without the separation of phases, no exudation occurs.

Good compatibility is the basic requirement of plasticizer for chemical raw material. A good solubility means that the polymer can hold the plasticizer as much as possible, and form a uniform and stable system.

(2) good durability is the comprehensive performance index of chemical raw materials plasticizer, including low volatility, anti migration, low extraction, heat resistance, stability of light and heat.

a, volatility refers to the ability of chemicals, plasticizers, to volatilize from polymers. This ability can be thought of moving from the compound to the surface and then evaporating from the surface to the surrounding medium, so a low diffusion and high boiling point plasticizer should be chosen.

b. migration refers to the plasticizer molecules moving to the surface or containing plasticizers plastic contact with other substances, plasticizers in plastic to the surface movement. For example, the plastic used in electrical appliances and materials, in order to ensure the insulation of electrical equipment, must be non migratory.

c. chemical extraction of any plasticizer caused by other substances causing chemical changes are chemical extraction. This phenomenon occurs when the plastic is absorbed by the organic solvent or mineral oil and the solvent is absorbed as the plasticizer is removed. The law is that the higher the molecular weight, the less the extraction.

The use of low volatility, good resistance to migration, non - injection of plasticizers processed plastic products, long service life.

(3) thermal stability and low temperature cold plastics required to maintain the performance of its soft products in the processing and use of the process, which requires the plasticizer has the properties of heat resistance, light resistance and low temperature, and high heat consumption of the plasticizer its poor heat resistance.

(4) PVC rigid products without electrical insulation, their electrical insulation is ohm / cm (volume resistivity coefficient), and when the plasticizers such as chemical raw materials are used, the insulation performance is decreased. Therefore, the electrical insulation of PVC mainly depends on the type, dosage and nature of plasticizers. Phosphoric acid esters and chlorinated paraffins, etc.. Due to high toughness,

It makes the polymer backbone fixed at the polarization position, and the electrical insulation is better.

(5) flame retardants are generally flame retardants. Phosphate and chlorinated paraffin (other than individual) have flame retardant properties. Therefore, in considering the use of plastic products such as construction and furniture, it is necessary to choose a flame retardant or nonflammable plasticizer.

(6) mildew resistant (bacteria), some plastic products, such as PVC, artificial leather, are in the process of storage and use of mold, is caused by the crystallization of two urethane plasticizers. This phenomenon does not occur if you choose phosphates and chlorinated paraffins.

(7) in choosing the food packaging material, the plasticizer should be considered non-toxic. Epoxy plasticizers such as soybean oil and other chemical raw materials are widely used.


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