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The titanium dioxide industry in Panzhihua area gradually resume production

2017.10.31   09:57

In July 2017, under the pressure of the Panzhihua Environmental Protection Bureau, the slag yard of Jin Jiang Industrial Park, Panzhihua, was requested to stop operations, which means that the entire park chemical enterprises will stop production.

A number of titanium dioxide production enterprises in the region: Panzhihua Xin Haifeng, Lizhuo vanadium and titanium, titanium sea technology, communication, etc., are titanium Xingzhong are affected, when the news is expected to stop production for rectification of 1-2 months (the specific production time will be supervised by the Environmental Protection Bureau and other departments according to the factory after the completion of the rectification. State whether the target may be).

The capacity of part of the business park in Panzhihua City: the capacity of titanium chemical production capacity of 24 thousand tons, 30 thousand tons of high titanium slag by sulfuric acid of anatase titanium dioxide; Dahutong Group production capacity of 120 thousand tons of titanium dioxide, supporting 300 thousand tons of sulfuric acid plant and 90 thousand tons of high titanium slag; sea technology production capacity of 80 thousand tons, rutile titanium dioxide / anatase titanium catalyst powder 40 thousand tons, 100 thousand tons of titanium ore.

In the days before the slag field after rectification, the park enterprises began the production of titanium dioxide.

As an important industry of China's titanium and titanium dioxide agglomeration, Panzhihua area change of influential industry capacity. In 2016, CCTV "economic half-hour" column exposed the environmental pollution problems in Panzhihua enterprises, and then, Panzhihua 36 enterprises implemented a cut-off regulation. After investigation, water pollution, mainly for some mineral processing enterprises, due to drain, drain and drain. Among them, the vanadium and titanium hi tech Zone 16 enterprises. Although this incident is not high-tech enterprises in the region titanium dioxide enterprises, but titanium dioxide enterprises in accordance with the deployment of higher levels, stop production, inspection, rectification, re repair, and formulate cleaner production and sewage, piling and other measures.

On December 20, 2016, Panzhihua, Sichuan province organized a symposium on the production, management and environmental protection of titanium dioxide enterprises. Relevant associations, experts, and Oriental Haifeng, titanium, titanium sea Xin Chemical Science and technology 9 titanium dioxide enterprises attended the forum.

At the meeting, 6 manufacturing enterprises in Panzhihua Xingzhong titanium dioxide titanium industry limited liability company, Dahutong Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. Hengtong Titanium Industry Co. Ltd, Haifeng Xin Chemical Co. Ltd., titanium sea science and technology limited liability company, Titanium Chemical Co. Ltd. jointly issued a joint commitment to environmental protection, environmental protection departments at all levels to take the initiative to and the people made a solemn commitment, will firmly establish the awareness of environmental protection, strictly comply with environmental regulations, strengthen pollution control, and consciously accept social supervision, to further strengthen self-discipline, as the environmental protection for the enterprise life, integrity of law-abiding enterprises.

Although the enterprise of Panzhihua area in Sichuan province again to resume production, but starting in July the province has resulted in some environmental supervision capacity in Panzhihua shut down ilmenite. Central environmental supervision inspection team on August 2nd team of more than 3000 law enforcement officers on the Chengdu district enterprises visit environmental investigation. It is said that the central environmental inspection teams will enter Panzhihua in mid August, while the Panzhihua local environmental protection bureau has been testing the titanium dioxide enterprises in the park, and the environmental protection pressure of titanium dioxide enterprises is very high.

In addition, currently on the market price of graphite electrode production of titanium slag use has risen to 45000 yuan / ton, compared with April, up 3 times; compared with July, the price nearly doubled, so the production cost of titanium slag in August increased by nearly 1000 yuan / ton.

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