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The new choice powder coating of environmental protection wind can make spark with wood furniture furniture?

2017.11.06   16:10

The paint industry is getting more and more attention on powder coatings.

Powder coating is a powder substance composed of resin, curing agent (crosslinking agent), pigment, filler and additive. big Part of the powder coating is applied to the metal surface by electrostatic spraying, and enters the oven to melt and solidify, and finally form a hard and stable coating . Protect and decorate the bottom material.

According to statistics, the output of China's powder coatings industry reached 2.07 million tons in 2016, up from 1.85 million tons in 2015 11.89%. At the same time, the Asian region accounted for 68% of the global sales of powder coatings in 2016, accounting for 90% of China's powder coating 61% of the world is the world's largest producer of powder coatings. China powder coating enterprises are mainly distributed in China's coastal zone, Yangtze river delta The sales of powder coatings in the three major coatings industry bases in chau, pearl river delta and bohai rim region account for 94% of the whole country , the layout features of east mishnah. With its good brand awareness and stable product performance, foreign-funded enterprises occupy the high-end powder in China The paint market, while domestic enterprises occupy the middle-and low-end market of powder coatings.

In recent years, governments at all levels have been improving environmental protection laws and regulations and are promoting the adoption of environmental protection for wooden furniture manufacturers The coating process replaces the traditional solvent coating, which makes the powder coating once again enter the field of view. But it's not negligible, Because the traditional powder coatings need 200 high temperature bake for 15 minutes, and this is man-made board can not afford, so in the traditional In concept, the application of powder coating in furniture is mainly limited to the coating of metal substrate. How can I reduce the temperature and temperature I need Time, and ensure that the wood heating will not be damaged, is the powder coating development important topic.

Throughout our market, the foreign powder coatings production enterprises occupy 80% of the high-end market share, domestic enterprises mostly in the low-end market Row price scuffles. Due to the growing trend of mergers and acquisitions among coatings companies, the small and medium-sized powder coatings companies have been affected by the environmental storm In the future, the concentration of powder coatings industry will likely strengthen gradually.

At the same time, the positioning of powder coatings is not limited to the protection of the product surface, but more is to help increase the added value of products It is one of the important selling points of powder coating enterprises. The diversity of colors Stability is an important index to measure the beauty of powder coating, and it is also a technical barrier for powder coating enterprises to break through.

Finally, high energy and intelligence are also worth paying attention to. In order to meet the application of different environment, the market has been opened It has the characteristics of high resistance, high adhesion, high antisepsis and other characteristics of powder coatings. High performance powder coatings have higher performance and more character The need for surface treatment is also the main direction of future development.

                                               By Nicole

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