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The research and development of organic pigment technology is the key to future development

2017.11.20   10:10

       Organic pigment is an indispensable upstream refinement industry, and its future direction depends on the downstream market and many important skills The breakthrough of the art is closely related to market demand. However, there are some "short boards" in organic pigment technology in China, and the foundation is needed Research and application technology research.

As a colorant, organic pigment is mainly used in printing inks, coatings, plastics and functional colorants. In recent years, Benefiting from the rapid economic development, the organic pigment industry develops rapidly.

According to the prospective industry research institute, the annual production of organic pigment in China has increased from 10,000 t in 1986 to 230,000 t in 2015 The proportion of machine pigments and organic dyes was changed from 1:10 to 1:4.

Although overall production has increased, overall profit efficiency has declined. Because organic pigment enterprises are generally small, produce Short industry chain, lack of key analytical instrument, low automation level, low price competition.

Besides, due to the limited investment in research and development and the lack of innovative research and development, there are obvious "short boards" in organic pigment technology. have The "short board" of machine pigment technology is mainly reflected in the three aspects of organic pigment, quality and brand.

In the field of organic pigment, there are about 174 organic pigment varieties produced in China, accounting for 464 of the published chemical structure A 37.5% of organic pigments. In fact, the number of domestic varieties can basically meet the market demand, but the inner quality and the application performance There is still need to improve, the ratio of high cost performance is not high.

In terms of organic pigment quality, organic pigment needs to be more environmentally friendly, more dedicated, faster, more expensive and more cost-effective It is required that the organic pigment products be processed with specific refinement, including refinement of auxiliary materials and fine refining of pigment.

In the organic pigment brand, the domestic organic pigment enterprise brand awareness is generally not strong, and fails to provide specialized marketing and after-sales The service failed to improve the appearance of the packaging of organic pigment products, and failed to meet the international well-known organic pigment production enterprises and companies.

In general, weak basic research is the biggest "short board" of organic pigment technology in China. At this stage, the most important thing is to improve The intrinsic quality of the paint and the research on the refined or commercialized techniques of the existing pigment. Basic research and applied technology research are always Support a firm's enduring foundation. The improvement of product quality must be strengthened to gain the credibility of market users and establish enterprises The brand image of the industry. In addition, innovation and refinement are the only way to sustainable development of organic pigment. Specifically, the first is creation New development of new market, new demand, followed by the implementation of following innovation, production process technology refinement.

                                                                  By Nicole

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