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Environmental protection strong winds hit steel again meet strict kao chemical and other industries

2017.12.18   10:38

Heating season limit production such as environmental protection strong winds blow, let the iron and steel, chemical, cement, electrolytic aluminium industry by kao yan again.At the end of the personage inside course of study thinks, hong kong-listed will certainly is a volatile, or continue to push up prices.And cement or wrong peak production will lead to negative growth, annual production of 2017 and the chemical industry presents polarization state, scattered small chemical plant, small number products companies, will be the focus of the environmental supervision, these enterprises eliminated, in the long run is good for the whole industry.

Since the eighteenth big, ecological civilization system reform is placed on the outstanding position comprehensively deepen reform work.In September 2015, the CPC central committee and the state council issued by the general scheme of ecological civilization system reform ", "1 N" form of the top-level system design to start.Then, all previous central deep reorganization meeting examined and approved a series of reform of ecological civilization is a matter of form a complete set of policy papers.And since this year, the beijing-tianjin-hebei in and around 2017 work plan for the control of air pollution and environmental protection policy is more intensive, while the central environmental protection supervision realizing a complete coverage of 31 provinces, push to solve a large number of outstanding environmental problems.

Under this, also.Steel big province, hebei province, baoding, langfang, zhangjiakou will make "no hong kong-listed", realize the basic "no mining city" zhangjiakou, zhangjiakou, langfang, baoding, hengshui strive to achieve "no coke city"."A number of environmental protection policy, with few in iron and steel enterprises."Gold lianchuang metals industry editor is easy to easy to introduce the economic information daily, reporter said.

However, the environmental protection strong wind is still to come.According to the beijing-tianjin-hebei in and around 2017 work plan for the control of air pollution ", "2 26" city industrial heating peak production season.Cement, casting industry comprehensive peak production, in addition to undertake the task of the people's livelihood, the heating season all wrong peak production.And since Sept. 15, the ministry of qiu dong season beijing-tianjin-hebei air patrols and its surrounding areas, the search is for participation in the fall and winter of "2 26" city air pollution control of enterprise and the government.

Easy easy to think, at the end of hong kong-listed will certainly is a volatile, or continue to push up prices.Late in rebar prices, for example, there will be 200-300 yuan/ton of upside.But need to be careful to chase after go up.

Jiang Chao haitong securities analyst said that 1/5 of the country's 28 cities production in 2016, and 2017 years ago in July the national cement output increased by only 0.3% year-on-year, thus peak production or negative growth will result in 2017.

From the point of the chemical industry, gold lianchuang editor-in-chief said Wang Zhenxian energy and chemical industry, at present our country chemical industry enterprise presents polarization state.Main bulk chemicals production concentrated in three barrels of oil and large corporation in the hands of such as smelting, this part of the enterprise environmental protection measures are incomplete, because the big impact on the local economic and social impact, and environmental protection supervision co., LTD.On the other hand is scattered small chemical plant and small number of enterprises, the lack of regulation for a long time, this part of the enterprise will be the focus of the environmental supervision.Environmental supervision of chemical enterprise is positive to the good for a long time, part policy threshold can be relatively inefficient of small businesses.


                                        By Luffy

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