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Environmental policy impact on titanium ore supply and demand of our country

2017.12.18   10:41

In the first half of 2017, China's demand of titanium ore production, all from the same period last year, the price also in the year of 1350 yuan/ton rose to the highest 1900 yuan/ton.As a thriving market, the market situation is in the second half of the plummet, not only production, slowing demand, prices also dropped back to the beginning of 1300 yuan/tons.The most important reason and lead to appear this situation, July and August is the domestic several province titanium industry cluster for environmental protection check.

Affected by the environmental protection verification, the domestic many titanium ore production enterprises and downstream businesses were forced to shut down, titanium ore production and demand were down.Which is worst in August the fourth round of the environmental protection check effect.Involved in the fourth round of the environmental protection verification of shandong, sichuan, hainan and zhejiang provinces are the important cluster of titanium industry in our country.Is titanium dioxide industry, shandong, sichuan province, sichuan is the titanium ore in China is the most important origin, the titanium ore production accounted for more than three-quarters of the total national output.Therefore, the titanium white production in China in August fell by more than 20%, titanium ore production fell by 30%.Around in early September, the environmental protection check winding down, but still many titanium ore, small and medium enterprises in sichuan province due to did not meet the requirements of state environment protection in the shutdown state.Since this year, as it were, a severe environmental policies on the impact of titanium ore market in China is unprecedented, and this effect continues to ferment.

From the supply side, the small scale of titanium ore enterprises in China, mainly of less than 50000 tons of small businesses.Such small businesses already did little to improve the environmental protection level of the power, also have no money to raise the capacity of environmental protection.If the state environmental protection requirement for high pressure situation determined not to relax, so most of the small and medium-sized enterprises will face the fate of the closed.At that time, our country can titanium mineral concentration will rise sharply, voice will tilt to several large mines.

Failures emerge on the other hand, if the small and medium-sized mines, over a period of time, after all, titanium ore supply gap, and this part will by the import of titanium ore to fill the gaps.As demand for titanium ore imports increased rapidly in the short term, could lead to another round of import titanium ore price boom, which will push up the production cost of titanium downstream enterprises in our country, the industry overall profit margins are being eroded.

From the demand side, the downstream titanium pigment industry is one of the largest user of titanium ore, the demand for accounting for over 85% of the total consumption in China.And titanium dioxide industry also exists the problem of "three wastes" emissions, greatly influenced by environmental protection verification.Many small and medium-sized enterprises face the same level of environmental protection standard, can't do the plight of qualified emissions.If the future environmental protection verification normalized, these enterprises will be affected, cannot release of production capacity, resulting in decreased demand for raw materials.

In short, if from sichuan province environmental inspectors to titanium properties, will result in a shortage of titanium ore supply;And shandong, jiangsu, henan, guangxi and other downstream demand from hub environmental inspection, will be to cause a decline in demand, titanium ore is in short supply.Future state environmental protection verification of the trend of the influence of titanium ore market will be more and more highlighted.

                                                By Luffy

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