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Titanium dioxide needs to follow up Golden nine silver ten quotations or a bit

2018.01.02   15:47

Early September, titanium dioxide domestic enterprises offer take turns to raise, rises in 500 yuan/ton level, under the domestic enterprises take turns to the rhythm of the rose, the downstream market and traders buy goods atmosphere is slightly better, mid month there was a wave of purchasing, but late, downstream will turn pale again goods, the overall market is flat.

With August after the fourth batch of environmental supervision check in various provinces, shandong, sichuan supply reduction, a total of about 90000 tons, reducing supply, reducing domestic mainstream value chain enterprises has experienced rapid destocking stage in August, to early September, domestic mainstream titanium pigment market inventories have fallen to 2000-7000 tons level.In inventory reduction, traditional gold nine requirements under the premise of expected promotion, September titanium dioxide domestic enterprises offer take turns to increase, the first is the sharp titanium type titanium pigment production enterprises offer rose 500 yuan/ton, rutile type titanium pigment to follow up, then after leading enterprises quotation finalised, domestic mainstream enterprise basic following up, rose 500 yuan/ton level in more.But for the price, each enterprise has divided.

Raise while amplitude according to the survey found that the enterprise is in 500 yuan/ton, but the actual operation of the enterprise in 200-300 yuan/ton, the actual implementation are difficult to achieve.After its reason, on the one hand, the main cause of the current domestic enterprises rose is not actual, demand side is more environmental protection limit production in August, the domestic enterprise parking overhaul the supply side, reducing business inventories fell;On the other hand, the current domestic titanium dioxide market prices are relatively high, the overall average profits, as shown in the figure below, industry profits more than in 3000-4000 yuan/ton level, most companies want to get the pricing to build the atmosphere of a rise in price, can actually for rose 500 yuan/ton also exists question;Moreover as terminal enterprises and traders, lead to small and medium-sized enterprises environmental shocks to leak or production, large enterprises with the most for on-demand is given priority to, also because the expectations for the afternoon are unclear, the corresponding enterprise stock ideas is not strong, and rise in price for titanium dioxide, downstream customers especially medium and small customers basic unprofitable, some titanium dioxide manufacturers price increases, the downstream is not more goods, but reduce the order, adjust the product line, more reluctant to liquidity.Therefore caused was pushed up demand after a flash in the pan.

For the rest of the market, soon be at National Day eight days off, from the current domestic downstream enterprise procurement, stock up the volume capacity, most enterprises to maintain adequate during the holidays, demand side has obvious improvement, but from the point of exports, Europe and the region is still in a state of weak growth to the demand of domestic titanium dioxide, primarily in the euro against the yuan rose to promote European to purchase domestic titanium dioxide intend, abroad is the weak state of out of stock, while export prices lower, but the domestic titanium dioxide main export enterprise exports is still good, part of the enterprise exports year-on-year growth of nearly 20-30% level.Will tell from the supply side, recently in shandong early stop device after ignition out products in succession, this week, to the market supply increases 1000 tons level, the overall supply capacity step by step.Together with the accumulation of after eight days off, is expected late whole titanium dioxide business inventories increased state.But it is worth mentioning in October 19 big meeting, and environmental protection, safety problem is still the focus of enterprises, so enterprises overall load will not too high, companies stock is expected to rise to normal or slightly higher level.Combined with the short-term market is relatively strong, raw materials of titanium concentrate on market must support;More comprehensively, is expected in late September and October, the domestic market of titanium pigment or maintain a sideways trend, the overall gains cautious, short-term downside risk is relatively small.


                                                 By Luffy

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