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Transformation of coatings industry: Buying "service" is more than buying a product

2018.01.02   15:54

     Today's paint market is gradually saturated, the pressure of competition between brand and brand becomes more and more intense. Many brands in order to win the attention of consumers, they played a variety of marketing means, more and more entrepreneurs devote themselves to the coating industry, and a variety of small brands boom rapidly, meanwhile, driven by the use of good policies and good market prospects, more home building materials related enterprises have also dabbled in the field of coatings, competition in the paint market is becoming more and more fierce.

  Improving quality and service is essential

   Although the paint market is now filled with a variety of sales for the purpose of marketing instruments, yet many marketing models have not played a proper effect, such as QQ marketing, WeChat marketing and micro-blog marketing, many consumers do not pay for such a new model, still in a wait-and-see attitude. Coating brands should not focus on the research of marketing model, but should regard quality and service as the footstone of enterprise growth.

  After-sales service is important

    With the improvement of people's living standard and the change of consumption concept, consumers are becoming more and more demanding for service. Therefore, non price competition, such as service quality, service efficiency and service innovation, has become the main competitive mode of wooden door market at present.

Nowadays, service is no less important than the product in the minds of consumers. Good service often benefits consumers, not only to understand the performance of the product, but also in a harmonious atmosphere to feel the warmth of the enterprise, this is often an important factor in consumer choice of products.

Industry reshuffle and integration need endogenous motivation

  Perhaps it is aimed at the great potential of the coating after-sale service market, today, in addition to professional oil carpentry master alone, some well-known brands of paint, and even home appliance giant will also aim at this market, to integrate resources as the identity of the third parties, the scale of the "selling paint" gradually become "selling services.".

    Of course, this kind of reshuffle and integration in the coating industry needs endogenous motivation, and it depends on the voluntary power of industry, enterprise and brand; It needs policy guidance, national industrial policy and local government support.


                                       By Robert

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