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The shoe suit is colorful and carefully concealed "killing machine"

2018.02.07   16:35

Recently the European Union for many consecutive batch of China's exports of children, women's clothing and other textile market recall and report, report the reason for the product were detected the eu regulations banning the use of azo dye, the release of carcinogenic aromatic amine exceed the eu limited requirements, may cause health hazard to consumers in the process of wearing. Similarly, a domestic brands recently formally submitted to aqsiq recall plan, is voluntarily recalling its imports of a women's shoes, reason is because of tongue textile material was banned azo dye detection, and the women's shoes also recalled in North America, Australia and other markets is synchronous. The products of such harmful substances will not only harm the health of consumers if they are not dealt with in a timely manner, but they will also bring great economic and reputational losses to enterprises.

What is azo dye

Azo is a special chemical structure, and the substance with azo structure can be rich in light. Azo dye has simple process, low production cost, dyeing ability and other characteristics, has become the important raw material for textile printing and dyeing process, not only for natural and synthetic fiber dyeing printing, also can be used in the paint, plastic coloring. However, studies have found that some azo dyes can be chemically decomposed to produce aromatic amines that can cause cancer, and there are now about 200 identified harmful azo dyes. Such harmful azo dye dyeing clothing and other consumer products with human body skin contact for a long time, the formation of carcinogenic aromatic amine may be absorbed by human body, cause cell mutations, cancer and reproductive diseases such as serious consequences.

It is common to disable azo

With the constant improvement of environmental and ecological protection requirements, decomposable aromatic amine azo dye in the first place in Germany are disabled, since 1994 since the German government mandate disable parts of dye, expanding the scope of the national disabled dye. The European Union in 2002 issued a directive 2002/61 / EC, in the eu it is prohibited to produce, import, use, and sell some can restore the carcinogenic aromatic amine azo dye, aromatic amines in textiles and leather products detection limit of 30 mg/kg. At the same time, the European Union's chemical REACH regulation has put the oncogenic aromatic amines on top of the regulation. China's textile and apparel mandatory national standard GB18401-2010 also make clear a regulation, all kinds of textiles may not be detected in 24 kinds of decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine, detection limit of 20 mg/kg, strict in the European Union.

Compared with formaldehyde and other harmful components, the toxicity and carcinogenicity of the banned azo dyes are stronger, and most of them are difficult to dissolve in water. According to statistics, the European Union has issued a recall of more than 10 batches of products this year. One of the garments released has a high level of 1, 200 mg/kg of cancer-causing aromatic amine, 400 times the prescribed limit. Not only will such garments be removed from the shelves and recalled, they will be forced to destroy them, and companies will pay a heavy price for quality control. Faced with the aggressive "green barrier", domestic dye industry has stepped up the technological research and development of alternative products.

The safety of shoes is heavily guarded against

The quality and safety of consumer goods has become the focus of the whole society. Consumer goods operators and producers should conscientiously raise the awareness of social responsibility, understand the product regulations and standards in detail, and eliminate the use of dyes and raw materials containing azo compounds. The new products must be tested by authoritative organization to eliminate the hidden danger. For consumers, the choose and buy the goods such as clothing, shoes and should not be excessive pursuit of colorful, usually material the closer the instinctive quality azo risk is smaller, if the product can provide formal harmful substance test report more secure the quality and safety.


                                                                                                                                                                  By Emily

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