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How to choose decoration paint

2018.02.07   16:30

The application of paint in decorating houses is very wide, every owner will use it in the decoration, therefore, the choice of paint is particularly important, the color of paint is also varied, so, how to choose the decoration paint?

The color of paint is the same as what of other pigments, it is also varied, paint also has the characteristics of color, brightness and transparency, such as white, red and so on, paint color is various, when choosing paint, be sure to think about it, we should not only consider the function of decoration, but also consider the requirements of beauty, and also the form and characteristics of the decoration space, in general, we should choose lively colors, the color of the bedroom should be soft and warm, the study should be based on the solemn and harmonious colors, and the restaurant should use warm tones.

      1, The top surface is usually light colored

Light colors make people feel light, while dark colors make people feel depressed, generally, room decoration is from top to bottom, from light to dark, therefore, the ceiling and wall as far as possible to use white or light color, skirting line is usually dark color, so as not to give people depression.

     2, To choose the color according to the direction of the room

     The room facing the East is full of sunshine in the morning and the sun is leaving also early. The sample light is dim, so the light color is usually chosen. The south facing room has a long sunshine duration. It is recommended to choose cool colors, so that they can complement each other to give people a comfortable feeling, the room facing the west usually has the strongest sunshine in the afternoon, so the deep cool color makes the room more comfortable. The room facing the north because there is no long-term sunshine, so in the choice of paint, suggest to choose warm, light paint.

  3, Choose colors according to the use of the room

The use of the room determines the effect of the decoration you want to build. The bedroom should be bright and comfortable, and the kitchen can be light and bright, corridors and halls can be bold color, bedroom can be based on the owner's own style of decoration and their own tastes to determine the colors.

      4, Choose colors according to the shape of the room

The color of the room can visually change the shape of the house, for example, cool colors

visually make the lower ceiling look taller and make the room look wider, the dark wall on the far end of the room can make the wall look like moving forward, which can visually change the space of the house.


                                                                                                                                                 By Robert

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