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The 2011 China international coatings show,our company had a great harvest

2011.12.06   09:48


The 2011 China international coatings show held on November 23rd in Shanghai Pudong New International Exhibition Center which  is in an unprecedented scale, global industry elites gathered here .

As the focus of successive Coating Exhibition Exhibitor,after months of preparations, our company had achieved fruitful results. In two and a half days of  the exhibition, our company booth had lots of  guests from first to last, we were too busy to welcome all the guests. In the limited time we total received nearly 1000 customers, we signed orders with amount $2000000, and also reached cooperative intention with more potential customers .

During the exhibition, we invited the new and old customers from home and abroad to participate in the reception banquet on november 24th, which further deepened the relationship between hongda group and partners.

By Duan Peng

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