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Our company held the 2011 China international coatings show welcome banquet

2011.11.30   10:25


At six o'clock on the night of November 24th, my company held the 2011 China international coatings show customers welcome banquet  in Beijing hall,the 4th floor of Minya Hotel in Shanghai. About 150 guests from home and abroad attended the  banquet.

Before the beginning of the party, Manager Yuan had a speech first, then we all bowed to guests to express our thanks. Along with the" Jasmine Flower" and other songs , the party  started  in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Every guest enjoyed the food and introduced himself one by one.The atmosphere of the scene gradually got warm. At the drawing time, Mr yuan was always witty interspersed among them, which made the party atmosphere to a climax. The party lasted more than 3 hours, we finally ended the party in the gentle Serenade music

 By Duan Peng





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