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Our Company Strengthen Quality Control Of Pharmaceutical Intermediates

2011.10.28   15:45

With the company's pharmaceutical intermediates business continued to expand,our company also improve the quality of goods synchronization control, to ensure that the sample quality qualified rate, to improve the product quality.

The company established a instrument room, to create a professional testing environment.The company purchased the Shimadzu HPLC detector SPD-10AVP, and hired Ningbo University of Technology doctoral teacher to guidance detection method. And we also buy WRX-4 microscopic and melting point of optical instrument, the instrument is capable of measuring 4 - 300 degrees C, it can observe the whole process of melt; and PB-10 with glass electrode pH meter, and it can accurately detect various solution pH value. As well as the test material ash muffle furnace equipment ... ... , with these instruments,I believe that the company export product quality can have good assurance.

By Lu Saisai

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