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2012 The Third China (Shanghai) International Printing Industry Exhibition will be held

2011.09.20   10:53

2012  the third session of China ( Shanghai) International Printing Industry Exhibition will be held March 20, 2012 - 22 in Shanghai Pudong New International Exhibition Center.

20,000 square meters large exhibition hall, gathered a number of big names at home and abroad enterprises. Pavilions also support, a strong debut, rushing a favorable position. As of September Merchants exhibitors have been identified: Synnex Technology International (Roland), Ao Wei Electrical, Wuxi Desai, sea Jie digital, digital black step, Dongguan new Miele, Zhi Yang digital, Yalian Sunny (MUTOH), Cool Indian sun, Sanyi Technology, sharp North, Colorful digital, eagle tour textile, Huangyan machinery, Rugao Tianyuan, Oren automation, Feng Yi mechanical, chemical Dragon, in the interests of the ink, Asian-American Textile Machinery, Chemical Lu Jin , Suzhou, all good, INK ECO, on the Green Chemical, Huatai Hai days so hundreds of companies gathered in Shanghai. At the exhibition will showcase its latest product, latest technology and equipment . At the appointed time, we will send personnel to observe, through extensive contacts with the new and old customers, understand the latest industry developments and information.

By Xiang Xiaoming

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