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What is UV coating?

2012.02.27   16:20

UV is Ultra-Violet Ray.Industrial UV wavelength for its application is 200nm to 450nm.Some kind of material makes it hardened using UV irradiation process.We call it of UV Curing Process.This technique originated from the international coating market in the 1970s,and it is brand-new green technology.Utilizing the technology to produce the UV-curable coatings is called UV coating.The end of 20th century,UV coating was popular in the West,Japan and so on.It is a coating variety representing fashion. UV coating was first used in painting processing of mobile phone, DVD,Walkman,and later the application areas were expanded to fields of cosmetic,television,computers,and household appliances.

UV coating's main characteristics:

1.Curing speed

2.Cured at normal temperature

3.Energy saving

4.Save area

5.Do not pollute the environment

6.Improve product performance

UV coating has volatile organic compounds (VOC),and it has several advantages,such as small environmental pollution,curing speed,saving energy,curing product performance,suitable for high speed automated production.The traditional coating is easy to volatilize,curing speed slow,and it goes against the environmental protection.Therefore,UV coating is the main coating to replace the traditional coating.

By Andy

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